Saturday, February 01, 2014


Steinitz: Israel may topple Hamas government The Israeli military may invade the Gaza Strip and topple its Hamas government if rocket fire on Israel continues.

Top Islamic Leader Calls on U.S. to Wage 'Jihad for Allah' A video of Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi calling on the U.S. government to wage jihad for Allah in Syria.

Pullback from Middle East Will Fuel Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons The Obama administration's pullback from the Middle East will only fuel the proliferation of nuclear weapons and extremism in the region.

High Speed Threat China's new high-speed maneuvering warhead is a "great concern".

'Military action likely' if Iran talks fail, US spokeswoman says State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said on Friday that a resolution to the longstanding nuclear crisis with Iran, "is likely to involve military action."

'Obama to visit Saudi Arabia amid tensions over Iran, Syria' President Barack Obama plans to travel to Saudi Arabia in March on a mission to smooth tensions with Washington's main Arab ally.

Palestinian Arabs Set Up Outpost Near Jericho Some 300 Palestinian Arabs, accompanied by Israeli leftist activists, set up an outpost near Jericho on Friday.

4-year-old Syrian Jihad fighter operates Kalashnikov rifle A four-year-old boy fires a Kalashnikov rifle and is presented as a new recruit for the Syrian civil war.

Mount Elbrus reconquered: Olympic Flame reaches Europe's highest point With the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi just round the corner, the Olympic Flame has been lit at the summit of the highest point in Europe, Mount Elbrus.