Monday, April 07, 2014


Leftists, Temple Mount Activists Clash at Knesset Hearing Fireworks as Knesset Interior Committee's Subcommittee on Temple Mount Issues hears testimony of discrimination.

Activist: Police Ignore Temple Mount Damage, Disrespect Once again, children are playing soccer on the Temple Mount - and activist Michael Pu'ah is demanding it stop.

Iran hopes Vienna talks will yield draft of comprehensive nuclear deal Tehran believes this week's talks with major powers will see drafting of final deal begin; US official says drafting likely to begin in May.

Israel under cyber attack, but only few sites brought down Technion calls attacks so far 'unsophisticated'; Anonymous says day of targeting Israel in response to IDF strikes on Gaza.

Radical Cleric: Israel Has Been 'Occupied Territory' Since 1948 Kamal Al-Khatib, deputy head of the radical Islamic Movement in Israel, claims that Israel is gradually "Judaizing" Jerusalem.

Assad using chemical weapons again, Israeli official says Source claims nonlethal agent used last week in two attacks around Damascus

Egypt court sentences homosexuals to prison Men accused of holding 'deviant parties' and dressing in women's clothing

Pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine proclaim independence Activists who seized main administration building in Donetsk declare creation of 'people's republic'

Rwanda genocide: UN ashamed, says Ban Ki-moon The UN is still ashamed over its failure to prevent the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said.