Monday, October 26, 2009


* Iran FM plays down threat of pre-emptive IDF strike Iran's foreign minister on Monday played down the possibility of Israel launching a strike against the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, after his French counterpart warned of such an attack if talks between Iran and world powers failed.

* Prof. Weiss at rightist event: Build third temple immediately ‪‪In wake of Muslim riots at Temple Mount, leading rabbis, rightists call on Israel not to capitulate to Palestinian violence.

* Jordan - Israeli provocations at Temple Mount threaten peace ‪‪After riots subside, Jordanian Communications Minister Sharif calls on Israel to prevent entrance of security forces, Jewish extremists to east Jerusalem compound.

* ‪‪Gaddafi: Palestinians should have nukes ‪‪Libyan leader says Arab nations and 'even the Palestinians' should be allowed nuclear weapons as long as Israel's nuclear ambitions are tolerated.

* Hamas: War will settle Jerusalem dispute, not talks Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal declared that "Jerusalem's fate will be decided with jihad (holy war) and resistance, and not negotiations."

* Asian nations jostle for power in EU-style bloc Asia's moves toward an EU-style community covering half the world's population have sparked a backroom power play led by the United States, China and Japan.

* West treating Iran "unfairly" on nuclear issue - Turkey Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has accused the West of treating Iran unfairly over its nuclear programme, in comments that come as world powers await Tehran's response to a UN-drafted plan.

* Iran: Zionist entity won't attack us "The Zionist regime doesn't dare to attack Iran because it is currently in its weakest position," said Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.

* Darwin teaching divides opinion More than half of adults in a survey of 10 countries thought school science lessons should teach evolutionary theories alongside creationism.

* Bombings in Iraq, Deadliest Since 2007, Raise Security Issue Two synchronized suicide car bombings struck at the heart of the Iraqi government here on Sunday, severely damaging the Justice Ministry and provincial council complexes.