Monday, April 20, 2015


Iran leader derides "silly" US threats, but urges his military to be 'prepared' Khamenei tells army to be on alert after American warning of possible strike on nuclear facilities, calls US and Israel gravest threat to the world.

Could Israeli F-35s turn the tables on Iranian S-300 missiles? Purchase of the costly jets has provoked years of controversy. But with Russia now to deliver its air-defense system to Iran, the IAF's chief acquisition officer stands firmly behind much-maligned aircraft.

Facing political deadlock, Netanyahu gets more time to build coalition While agreements with religious parties seem close to being signed, Likud is finding it harder to settle matters with Bennett and Lieberman. .

Ex-Hussein Intel Officer Planned ISIS's Rise to Power Report based on newly revealed documents shows how former chief officer under Iraq's dictator made 'blueprint' for ISIS's Syria conquest.

Watch: Hamas Rallies with Impunity on the Temple Mount Despite all the tough-talking, footage illustrates how Islamists still free to incite, glorify terror on Judaism's holiest site.

After second incident of ISIS murdering Christians in Libya, foreign minister 'appalled' Libyan Foreign Minister Muhammad Dayri says he is "appalled" by the barbaric killing of Christians by Islamic State, and urges the international community to help Libya further.

Israel gets a resounding slap in the face from Putin Russia's recent sale of the S-300 air defense system severely hinders Israel's ability to strike the Islamic Republic.

War on Terror Update Voters See Growing Rift Between America and Islamic World.

IN HISTORIC MEETING WITH RABBIS, POPE FRANCIS DECRIES RISING ANTI-SEMITISM IN EUROPE Current "anti-Semitic trends in Europe" are a cause for worry, said Pope Francis Monday morning, as are accompanying "acts of hatred and violence."

NATO 'Tornado' military drills in Estonia to use laser training system The US Army has joined Estonian soldiers in NATO 'Tornado' drills just before the largest training in Estonia's history, the Siil war games. A laser training system will be used for simulating actual battle.