Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Clinton and Trump offer diverse ME scenarios Whoever is elected US president on Nov. 8, he or she will land in the middle of a foreign policy shambles and face a pressing need to rebuild America's fences in most parts of the world, including the war-ridden, messy Middle East.

Russian battle group reaches Mediterranean after 'causing stir' in the West (VIDEO) A Russian naval group, headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the battle cruiser Peter the Great, has made its way into the Mediterranean.

Mosul battle: Iraqi special forces enter city limits Iraqi forces have for the first time entered the outskirts of Mosul, as they attempt to drive Islamic State (IS) militants from the northern city.

Iran congratulates Lebanese presidential victor The Iranian Foreign Ministry congratulated on Monday election of Michael Aoun as president of Lebanon, expressing hopes for increasing relations between Tehran and Beirut.

Muslim Inscription Acknowledges Jewish Temple An inscription from the early Islamic period has been added to the pile of evidence attesting to a long Jewish connection to Jerusalem's Temple Mount.

Will Obama recognize Palestinian state? As US President Barack Obama begins the lame duck segment of his administration, there are some who worry that the president will refrain from vetoing a French peace initiative.

Chemical warfare has become a routine in the Middle East James Clapper, the American director of national intelligence, relayed a public strategic warning to countries in the Middle East last week.

High speed rail from Western Wall to Tel Aviv Minister of transportation orders plans drawn for high-speed railway line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to include station in the Old City close to the Western Wall.

Jews Die, Turks Celebrate "Idiots, since when have non-Muslims been wished to rest in peace?" - Tweet after the death of a Jewish businessman in Turkey.

Obama: Don't Destroy the Peace Process by Turning it Over to the U.N. The Obama Administration is sending strong signals that once the election is over it may make a major push to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the United Nations.