Friday, July 10, 2020


On Anniversary of Roman Invasion of Jerusalem: 60 Rabbis Call on Jews to Enter Temple Mt. Sixty different rabbis renewed their call on Thursday for Jews to make pilgrimage to the Temple Mount after immersing in the mikveh (ritual bath) reports INN.

Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu friends, have launched an app to help prayers Four friends from the UK, each from a different religion, have teamed up to create an app helping worshippers organize prayer services.

Watch: Canada Students Chant ‘Jews Are Our Dogs’ in anti-Israel Protest An anti-Israel student protest in the Canadian regional center of Mississauga which featured antisemitic chants is the subject of a hate-crimes complaint filed by a local Jewish organization.

Progressive pro-Israel groups back Senate amendment to ban US aid on annexation Eight liberal Zionist organizations, including J Street and Americans for Peace Now, say US taxpayer dollars shouldn’t support Netanyahu’s West Bank plan.

Third intifada will closely follow annexation, top PA official warns Asked by the interviewer whether there was the possibility of a third intifada, Shaath replied: "Absolutely."

Islamic Movement and Left Join Forces in Anti-American Revolution (Part 1) As Americans celebrated their 244th Independence Day, the pervasive lawlessness and pro- Marxist demonstrations observed for weeks in cities across the country underscore the methodical planning of domestic insurgents engaged in subversive and seditious activities to disrupt a pivotal presidential election year.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran’s controversial former president to offer to mediate in Yemen war, reports say Iran’s controversial former president is reportedly set to offer to negotiate a peace settlement between warring groups in Yemen, but he may find no takers in either the Arabian Peninsula or his own government.

Iran-China pact turbocharges the New Silk Roads China will invest $400 billion in Iran energy and infrastructure but nothing in strategic pact allows for a Chinese troop presence or island handover.

Europe promises to spend more on its own defense After years of prodding by President Trump and as China extends its global reach, the Europe Union will increase its military spending, according to a senior EU official.

‘They want to win’: NUCLEAR confrontation becomes likelier as US races for global domination, Russian FM says Washington is escalating the risk of a nuclear standoff among the world’s major powers in an effort to win back global domination, and brushing aside the last arms control pacts still standing, Russia’s chief diplomat has warned.