Thursday, January 24, 2013


* Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warning The rise in drug resistant infections is comparable to the threat of global warming, according to the chief medical officer for England.

* Panetta opens US military combat roles to women Senior US defense officials say Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat.

* White House calls for resumption of peace talks The White House on Wednesday renewed its call for a resumption of long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in the wake of Israeli elections.

* Hamas to establish military academy for Gaza schoolchildren Hamas is planning to establish a military academy in the Gaza Strip for training and educating schoolchildren.

* Israel: Support for France's Mali incursion reveals world hypocrisy Israel on Wednesday suggested that the international community's overwhelming support for France's anti-terror military incursion into the west African nation of Mali reveals a clear double standard.

* Tribal lawmakers to dominate Jordan's parliament Pro-government tribal candidates strengthened their grip on Jordan's parliament after Wednesday's general election.

* North Korea 'plans third nuclear test' North Korea says it is proceeding with plans for a third nuclear test.

* Pope on social networking: the virtual is real Pope Benedict XVI put church leaders on notice Thursday, saying social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter aren't a virtual world they can ignore.

* US does not recognize use of 'State of Palestine' Participation in United Nations forums that refer to a "State of Palestine" does not constitute US recognition of Palestinian statehood.

* State School President Under Fire for Obama-Hitler Comparison The President of the Ohio State Board of Education has come under fire for comparing President Barack Obama's efforts to enact new gun control restrictions in the United States.