Saturday, September 09, 2017


The Seven Holy Cities of Israel  When Israel regains control of all of Israel's seven cities and Torah can flow freely from within them, the ultimate redemption will come, said Rabbi Yishai Fleisher. 

Un: Syrian Gov't Forces Used Chemical Weapons More Than Two Dozen Times  In their 14th report since 2011, UN investigators said they had in all documented 33 chemical weapons attacks to date. 

Iran Boasts That It Tricked the World, Can Now Start Making Nukes  Israel warned former US President Barack Obama that Iran wouldn't honor the nuclear arms deal he brokered with the Islamic Republic. 

Incitement on Facebook: 'Spill blood on the Dome of the Rock'  Security forces arrest senior PA official who published material inciting against Jews and said he missed 'people like Hitler and Eichmann.' 

U.S. Pullout in Syria Makes Room for Iran  U.S. forces moved out of Al-Tanf near Syria's border with Jordan and Iraq, and a pro-Iranian force moved in, according to a new report. 

Ukraine fears Russia will use exercises next week to invade  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he fears that Russia could use massive military manoeuvres next week as a cover for invasion. 

European Court Orders EU Countries to Take Migrants  The European Union's highest court has rejected a complaint by Hungary and Slovakia over the legality of the bloc's mandatory refugee quota program, which requires EU member states to admit tens of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

The Islamic Future of Europe  The terrorist attack in Barcelona received the same reaction as all the large-scale terrorist attacks in Europe: tears, prayers, flowers, candles, teddy bears, and protestations that "Islam means peace ". 

This is how tomorrow's battlefields will look  Facial recognition, guns which fire only when the target is in sight, and unmanned submarines. A look into the future of Israeli defense.