Thursday, September 08, 2016


Jerusalem Mayor Convinces Czech PM to Restore the Capital City on Israel Maps  The Czech Education Ministry reversed its decision requiring the company that prints atlases for the country's schools to stop naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Education Minister Katerina Valachova told Czech Radio on Tuesday, the Prague Daily Monitor reported. 

Germany descending into martial law over fear of Islamic State attack  Germany's failed project of bringing in over one million Muslim refugees in the space of a year has seen an explosion of crime and widespread sex assaults. 

Hezbollah to move into south Syria, just across Israel border  IDF says it's watching and 'prepared for any scenario' as the Shiite terror group sets up shop next door. 

Internet anti-Semitism is "new kind of threat," says Danon  US: Don't call legitimate criticism of Israel 'anti'-Jewish. 

Riyadh makes rude remarks against Iran for Hajj inquiry  A top Saudi cleric is revving up the kingdom's rhetoric against Iran, saying in comments published on Tuesday that Tehran's leaders are 'not Muslims', in response to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's Hajj message released on Monday. . 

Check mate? Russia continues to stack up military & diplomatic wins in Middle East  Moscow's engagement in the Middle East is about more than simply its national interests. 

PA President Mahmoud Abbas Was a KGB Agent: Report  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was allegedly a KGB agent in Syria in the 1980s, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday on a Channel 1 news broadcast.