Monday, February 02, 2015


More and More Jews Visiting Temple Mount The number of Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount saw a significant boost over the past year, despite ongoing efforts to discourage non-Muslims from ascending the holy plateau and a firm ban on all Jewish and Christian prayer.

Hamas ready to cooperate with Iran 'to destroy Israeli occupation' Remarks by leader of Palestinian Islamist group come amid reports that Hamas and Iran have agreed to restore their relations.

How Deeply is Obama Involved in Israeli Elections? Israel began this week abuzz with debate over whether or not the Obama Administration is trying to interfere in Israel's upcoming elections, and if so, how deeply the White House is involved in seeking 'regime change.'

Ukraine rebel leader Zakharchenko 'wants 100,000 men' Pro-Russian separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko says rebels aim to boost their forces to 100,000, as fighting with Ukraine's military intensifies.

Jordan to send ambassador back to Israel after tensions eased Amman says it's sending envoy back after improvement in numbers of Muslim worshipers being allowed on the Temple Mount to pray at al-Aqsa.

Europe's Jews ponder: Is it time to flee again? Eighty years ago, Jael Botsch-Fitterling's parents decided something was very wrong in Germany, the nation they called home. 

Iran's Hebdo Revenge: Another Holocaust Cartoon Contest Iran plans to get its revenge for the Charlie Hebdo caricatures of Mohammed - by sponsoring a Holocaust cartoon contest.

Neo-Nazis Plan Rally in London Jewish Neighborhood Anti-Semitic rally expected to draw counter-protest; comes as British Jews face growing wave of anti-Semitism.

Saudi Kremlinology: what does King Salman's reshuffle mean for the future? One week into his reign, Saudi Arabia's new king announced a major government shakeup, catching insiders by surprise and consolidating his hold on the throne.

Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the Channel A RUSSIAN bomber intercepted over the Channel last week was carrying a nuclear missile designed to destroy Trident submarines, it emerged last night.