Saturday, September 29, 2018


Tracing the High Priest’s Footsteps on the Temple Mount In Hebrew, the word aliyah means “to ascend.” When I became a bat mitzvah at the age of 12, I ascended the bimah (elevated platform) to read the Torah and mark becoming a responsible Jewish adult who fulfills mitzvot (commandments).

Israel Lays Bare Iran's Secrets, Dares the World to Actually Do Something About It The international community has not been forthcoming about the true extent of Iran's nuclear program.

Is Russia taking control of Syria's air defences? Russia has been talking about selling the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria for almost a decade.

Powerful Shiite trio agrees on Iraqi prime minister candidate The most recent name to surface as a likely candidate for Iraq's premiership is Adel Abdul Mahdi, a former head of the Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Finance and a one-time vice president of the country.

PA sues US over embassy relocation PA files case with International Court of Justice, asking that it order Washington to remove relocated embassy from Jerusalem.

PM vows to keep ‘open mind’ on US peace plan, won’t voice support for 2 states Netanyahu tells CNN he prefers ‘substance’ over ‘labels’; would like to see Palestinians ‘have all the power to govern themselves, but none of the powers to threaten us’.

Help the People of Iran During a recent speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted that America would support the Iranian people should they seek to replace their regime.

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Defending Israel’s Defenders Few armies of its size attract the world’s interest and attention to the extent that the IDF – Israel Defense Forces – does.

Netanyahu to UN chief: Send IAEA to inspect Iranian nuke sites Israeli Prime Minister meets UN Secretary-General in New York, urges UN to take action on Israelis held captive by Hamas terror group.

3 Steps to Address the Growth of European Populism European populists are not out to deconstruct the European project. So what do they want?

PM reveals to UNGA 'another secret' atomic facility Netanyahu accuses Europe of ‘appeasing’ Iran instead of confronting it, issues stern warning that ‘what Iran hides, Israel will find’; PM also slams IAEA for failing to carry out inspections of Iranian nuclear archive exposed by Israel, while warning Hezbollah ‘Israel knows what you’re doing ... will not let you get away with it.’

Thousands March Through Jerusalem’s Streets in Support of Israel With flags from all over the globe waving high, a colorful march of some 80,000 Israelis and foreign friends of Israel descended on the streets of Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon for the annual Jerusalem March to celebrate Israel and pray for peace.

Tens of thousands gather at Western Wall for priestly blessings Thousands of worshippers pack Jerusalem's Western Wall plaza to receive a blessing from members of Judaism's priestly caste; US ambassador to Israel Friedman: 'It's an opportunity to bless the people of Israel.'

Russia’s first Krasukha-4 electronic warfare unit lands in Syria. It can jam spy satellites, enemy radar The Russian Krasukha-4 mobile electronic warfare system, which can neutralize spy satellites and ground-and airborne radars and damage enemy EW, landed in Syria on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

IDF and Russian army on collision course in Syria The IDF was rocked back by the Russian accusations (which are summarized below.) Israeli officers had pretended optimistically that all was well between the two militaries after Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin’s briefing to Russian officers in Moscow last Thursday. 

Friday, September 28, 2018


Thousands March Through Jerusalem's Streets in Support of Israel With flags from all over the globe waving high, a colorful march of some 80,000 Israelis and foreign friends of Israel descended on the streets of Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon for the annual Jerusalem March to celebrate Israel and pray for peace.

PM reveals to UNGA 'another secret' atomic facility Netanyahu accuses Europe of 'appeasing' Iran instead of confronting it, issues stern warning that 'what Iran hides, Israel will find'.

Netanyahu to Iran: We Have Our Eyes on You It was the prime minister's most masterful performance at the United Nations General Assembly.

Analysts: Israel Will Act In Syria Despite Russia's S-300 Defense System (with AUDIO) Russia's deployment in the coming weeks of advanced the S-300 missile defense system in Syria will limit air strikes carried out by Israel and the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State but not stop them entirely, according to defense analysts.

Tens of thousands gather at Western Wall for priestly blessings Thousands of worshippers pack Jerusalem's Western Wall plaza to receive a blessing from members of Judaism's priestly caste.

Iran mocks new nuclear claims by Israel's PM Iran has ridiculed claims by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it is hiding a warehouse used to store prohibited nuclear technology.

Peace proposals: As long as there will be no Israel Trump's long awaited plan for Middle East peace will be missing the essential ingredient that would allow the PA to accept it.

Abbas Tells UN That Palestinians Have Been Angels, It's All Israel's Fault You could hear the desperation in his voice. Like a child caught red-handed in a mischievous act, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was eager to blame someone else, anyone else.

Putin's adviser in Tehran with a deal: Israel to stop Syrian air strikes, Iran to halt arms shipments DEBKAfile Exclusive: President Vladimir Putin sent his national security adviser Nikolai Patrushev to Tehran on Thursday, Sept. 27, to test a proposal.

Israel's Lessons from Two Historical Events This month marks the 45th Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War and the 25th Anniversary of the Oslo Accords signing.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Pence: We're proud to stand with Israel US Vice President reiterates Washington's support for Israel following meeting between Trump and Netanyahu.

Iran says Israel will 'regret' further attacks on Syria The secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council has said Israel will be sorry if it continues to attack Syria's army and its allies.

European Parliament Committee Votes to Freeze 15M to PA Over Inciting Textbooks "There was only a vision of one state from the river to the sea, which is not EU policy," IMPACT-se CEO Marcus Sheff said.

What Is the Right Strategy with Hamas: Make Concessions or Fight? What should the strategy regarding Hamas be -make concessions or initiate a fourth round of fighting?

25 years after Oslo, PA and Fatah still don't recognize Israel PA Minister of Education with map of "Palestine" that erases all of Israel.

Jerusalem's new high-speed train starts regular trips to Ben Gurion Airport Line runs every 30 minutes for 21-minute journey - free for first 90 days but travelers must purchase online voucher in advance.

Report: Britain Slated to Outlaw the Entire Terrorist Entity Hezbollah Britain banned Hezbollah's military wing in 2008 because the Lebanese militia attacked UK soldiers in Iraq.

Left Turn: Corbyn Promises Immediate Recognition of Palestinian State if Labour Elected A newly elected UK Labour government will immediately recognize the Palestinian state, party leader Jeremy Corbyn promised on Wednesday.

Brexit Bulletin: Planning for Failure With just a nervous few weeks left before the U.K. and the European Union hope to strike a deal, both sides have been thinking about what happens if the deadlock can't be broken.

Editorial: Calling Iran What It Is  On September 20, 2001, speaking to a joint session of Congress, President George W. Bush famously articulated the key component of what would later be called the Bush Doctrine: "From this day forward," the president said, "any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime."

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


IN Media: U.S. Ambassador Friedman Joins Western Wall Priestly Blessing "I want to wish all those who observe the festival of Sukkot a chag sameach," Friedman said.

Trump Praised by Middle East Nations for Iran 'Maximum Pressure' After UN Mockery Although President Trump was laughed at by world leaders during his speech before the United Nations on Tuesday, his Iran hardline found a supportive audience with representatives for countries throughout the Middle East.

Trump: 'We're with Israel 100%' 'Israel has no choice but to be aggressive,' Trump says regarding Syria, and expresses support for two-state solution.

King Abdullah: We Will Protect Jerusalem's Muslim, Christian Character Abdullah said that the best way forward was a two-state solution on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital and a secure Israel.

Trump to Netanyahu: 'I like' two-state solution, want peace in 'my first term' At UN meet, US president insists Palestinians will 'absolutely' return to negotiating table, peace plan to be presented in 2-4 months.

Russia's first Krasukha-4 electronic warfare unit lands in Syria. It can jam spy satellites, enemy radar DEBKA Exclusive: The Russian Krasukha-4 mobile electronic warfare system, which can neutralize spy satellites and ground-and airborne radars and damage enemy EW, landed in Syria on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Former Envoy: Israel-Russia Crisis Artificial, Driven by Anti-Semitism The crisis between Israel and Russia resulting from a Russian military aircraft being shot down over Syria last week is "calculated and artificial, unrelated to reality or the facts, because the Russians want payment," former Israeli Ambassador to Russia Zvi Magen said in an interview.

ANALYSIS: Why Russia is Lying About Israel's Role in Downing of its Spy Plane On Tuesday, a cartoon in Israel's leading newspaper Yediot Acharonot showed Syria's President Bashar al-Assad standing next to a Russian officer as Russia's President Vladimir Putin drives a giant truck with the S-300 anti-aircraft missile shield towards the ruthless Syrian dictator.

It's a Very Awkward Time to Be a British Lawmaker in Europe "People would ask me, 'What exactly does the U.K. want?' And frankly, for two years I haven't been able to give them an answer."

The Palestinians' Three No's: What They Mean When Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad talk about "paying a political price," they are referring to demands that the Palestinian terrorist groups lay down their weapons, halt terrorist attacks on Israel, and abandon their dream of eliminating Israel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Thousands gather at Western Wall in J'lem for Sukkot festival Worshippers gather in Old City of Jerusalem for first Intermediary Day of Sukkot festival.

Netanyahu heads to New York for UN speech, Trump meeting PM also expected to confer with leaders of Europe and Egypt, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, UN chief Guterres and American Jewish leaders.

US vows 'maximum pressure' on Iran but says it's not seeking regime change Trump's national security adviser calls for 'massive changes' in Islamic Republic's behavior; Tehran's oil minister says Washington won't be able to halt crude exports.

Iran Blames U.S. and its Allies for Terror in Iranian City The early morning attack is one of the bloodiest in decades.

Israelis 'Rejoice Before God' With Help of Colel Chabad On the holiday of Sukkot, the Jewish people are commanded to "rejoice before God" (Leviticus 23:40). This merry-making is often explained as stemming from the Jewish people's unshakeable trust in God.

Scientists Discover that the 7 Special Foods Praised in the Bible Have Miraculous Health Benefits The Bible praises the Land of Israel for its seven special foods.

Rouhani, Erdogan Discuss Fight against Terror, US Sanctions Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, exchanged views about a range of issues, including the latest developments in the Middle East and the world.

Video: Andrew Gillum Ally Staged Flash Mob to Promote Boycott of Israel An organization that has a close relationship with Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum organized a flash mob in Israel to officially endorse the extremist Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting the Jewish state.

Half of world's poor are children New statistics show 1.3 billion live in multidimensional poverty, and 879 million are at risk of joining them.

Iran video threatens missile strikes on Israel, Gulf states Revolutionary Guards issue yet another threat, warning Israel, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates that Iran's elite military unit intends to avenge military parade attack that killed 25 people, most of whom were their comrades.

Monday, September 24, 2018


UN General Assembly: as it happens The 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly - also known as the 'general debate' - begins on Tuesday, September 25.

Report: Netanyahu to Deliver 'New Information' on Iran During U.N. Speech Ynetnews reports: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver "new information" in his speech this week to the United Nations General Assembly, according to a close associate of the Israeli leader.

PMW asks the US to deny Abbas entry for UN speech Palestinian Media Watch sent a letter last week to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asking that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas be denied entry to the US for the UN session this week due to his direct responsibility for paying salaries to terrorists and rewarding families of terrorists who were killed during their attacks.

U.S. Victims of Terrorists in Israel Ask Trump to Bar Abbas The family members called the decision to allow Abbas's entry to the US "a slap in the face to every American who has suffered from terror."

Sukkot: The story of our faith Rabbi Yitzchak Botton explains how the Sukkah is emblematic of the essence of life and man's relationship with Hashem.

After plane downed, Russia to give Syria advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system Moscow will also jam radars of military planes striking from Mediterranean; Kremlin claims 'premeditated' action by Israeli pilots caused destruction of aircraft.

Erdogan vows to defend Jerusalem from Israeli 'invaders' Turkish leader says will fight against 'those who perform state terror on Palestinians,' a week after Hebrew media report suggesting possible reconciliation between the two nations

Brexit Is Just One Of Many European Problems There can be no doubt that the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, suffered a hurtful humiliation in Salzburg, Austria this past week as the leaders of the other 27 European Union (EU) nations rejected her Chequers Brexit plan.

"We Are Bigger than Your Jesus!" If any measure of peace between Muslims and Christians is to prevail, no church can exist in the village, local Muslims said.

IDF and Russian army on collision course in Syria The Russian Ministry of Defense leveled several grave charges against Israel on Sunday, Sept. 23 as having caused the loss of the Russian IL-20 plane with 15 servicemen aboard.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


Jews erect Sukkot in preparation for holiday Throughout Israel, Jews commence building Sukkot to celebrate 7 day festival beginning Sunday evening; devout Jews scrutinize etrogs, palm fronds, myrtle and willow branches at 4 species markets.

How a Chinese fruit became a Sukkot symbol A new book researched over a decade by Rabbi David Moster says that ancient Jews used any fruit on hand for the four species ritual, including pomegranates, dates, figs, or grapes.

Trump Admin Pressed to Deny Palestinian President Entry to U.S. Pro-Israel activists seek to block Abbas from U.S. for terror ties.

State Department: Palestinian Authority Funding Terrorists Instead of Hospitals The Trump administration on Thursday said that Palestinian plans to pay the family of a terrorist who killed an American-Israeli last week showed why the US was correct in cutting funding for East Jerusalem hospitals.

Netanyahus Host Post-Yom Kippur Bible Study Event Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, held a public Bible study session at their official residence, last night.

Iran military parade attacked by gunmen in Ahvaz Gunmen have opened fire on an Iranian military parade in the south-western city of Ahvaz, killing at least 25 people, including civilians, and injuring 60, state media say.

The Tehran Summit and Iran’s Regional Ambitions The recent Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit in Tehran underscored the Islamic Republic’s determination to take an active and central part in the future reconstruction of Syria so as to promote a range of civilian and security interests that are bound to work to Israel’s detriment.

PA arrests Palestinians for selling land to Israelis/Jews, follows Mufti's religious prohibition Earlier this year, the Palestinian Authority Mufti ruled that Islam forbids selling land to "enemies," as reported by Palestinian Media Watch. Doing so would be "treason" and "a sin."

Abbas bluster at UN isn’t what should worry Israel With sources saying PA chief is prepared to sever the flow of PA funds to Gaza if his demands to Hamas not met, the threat of violent conflict grows.

Why is Sukkot the most joyous time of the year? The Ushpizin: Welcoming the seven holy shepherds into the Sukkah.

Friday, September 21, 2018


How a Chinese fruit became a Sukkot symbol A new book researched over a decade by Rabbi David Moster says that ancient Jews used any fruit on hand for the four species ritual, including pomegranates, dates, figs, or grapes.

Netanyahu to Nasrallah: Want a fight? You'll get 'unimaginable' response Jerusalem trades barbs with Hezbollah as IAF head tries to convince Moscow that Israel can't be blamed for loss of plane.

Trump Envoy David Friedman: 'Unconscionable' Palestinian Authority Would Pay Family of Ari Fuld's Murderer The Palestinian Authority's decision to financially reward the family of the terrorist who stabbed Israeli Ari Fuld to death is "unconscionable", U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said Thursday.

Trump Admin Pressed to Deny Palestinian President Entry to U.S. The Trump administration is being pressured to prevent Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States to participate in the upcoming United Nations General Assembly.

Netanyahu: 'Learning the Bible is Secret to our People's Renewal' Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, held a public Bible study session at their official residence, last night.

Israel: Russia accepts our take on Syrian downing of plane, coordination goes on  Delegation to Moscow 'debunked' claim Israeli jets hid behind spy plane, stressed jets had left area before Syrians fired fatal missile; Russia was notified ahead of strike.

Iran puts on 'show of strength' military exercise in Gulf The Iranian Revolutionary Guards and army carried out a joint aerial military drill in the Gulf on Friday in what official media said indicated the "pounding reply" that awaited the country's enemies.

A Question of Identity It is not alleged "religionization" that threatens Israeli identity and deepens the cleavages in Israeli society but the absence of a mutually accepted contemporary Jewish common ground.

May challenges EU as Brexit talks hit 'impasse', sterling tumbles British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday Brexit talks with the European Union had hit an impasse, defiantly challenging the bloc to come up with their own plans a day after the bloc's leaders savaged her proposals.

Why is Sukkot the most joyous time of the year? The Ushpizin: Welcoming the seven holy shepherds into the Sukkah.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Settlers enter Al-Aqsa in force to mark Jewish holiday Hundreds of Jewish settlers and Israeli police forced their way into East Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Tuesday to mark the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, according to a Palestinian official.

Plane shot down over Syria puts Russia-Israel relations to the test The downing of the Russian Il-20 transportation jet by Syrian air defense systems over what Moscow described as "Israeli provocation" is probably the single most important crisis Russia has experienced in Syria since the killing of dozens of its mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor at the hands of the US military in February.

PM says Israel obligated to continue defending itself At memorial ceremony Netanyahu stresses that Israel will do everything to prevent war, but if forced into conflict, will act with full force.

Hezbollah 'has precision rockets despite Israeli strikes in Syria' The leader of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah movement says it has acquired sophisticated rockets despite Israel's efforts to prevent it obtaining them.

COMMENTARY: Reclaiming the Honour of Zion As Jews across Europe come under increasing fire, and the scandal of anti-Semitism continues to wreak havoc in Britain's Labour Party, there is an ever-present danger of misunderstanding as to what it's all about.

Russia to beef up air defenses, aircraft to curtail Israeli air operations in Syria Russian President Vladimir Putin's response to the downing of the Il-20 by Syria was mild in tone, but his reference to a probe in depth and extra security for Russian troops was coldly menacing.

Russia shuts E. Mediterranean to air and sea traffic for "military exercise" The Russian Defense Ministry suddenly announced Thursday morning, Sept. 20, the closure of the eastern Mediterranean to air traffic and shipping - from the Syrian and Lebanese coasts to Cyprus -due to a snap "military exercise."

European Union has a plan for Asian infrastructure but will it collide with China's belt and road? New 'sustainable' initiative could result in a fourfold increase in bloc's investment in the region, officials said.

China has the largest army in the world (and no effective way to use it) In recent years, China's People's Liberation Army has undergone a massive modernization effort that has sought to not only expand their military presence around the world, but also to serve as the military backbone behind a broader diplomatic initiative.

Jonah and the Whale The Book of Jonah is read in the synagogue on the afternoon of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, the sacred Day of Atonement.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Connecting with God He is always looking out for us and always ready to show us His love. All we need to do is connect.

Putin absolves Israel in downing of spy plane, but warns PM: Don't let it recur In call, Netanyahu expresses sorrow for deaths, hails security coordination; Putin says Israel attack breached Syrian sovereignty, but blames 'tragic circumstances' for plane loss.

Theresa May Stands with Israel: Warns No Excuse for Anti-Semitism or Boycotts British Prime Minister Theresa May told leaders of the UK's Jewish community on Monday there can be no excuses for anti-Semitism or "unacceptable" calls to boycott Israeli goods.

Too Close For Comfort: China's Growing Presence In Israel Analysts are raising red flags about a Chinese company's upcoming takeover of a seaport in Haifa bay, not far from Israel's fleet of nuclear submarines.

Police Detain 5 Shabab al-Aksa Activists on Temple Mount Special security measures in place for Yom Kippur.

Brussels Edition: Bracing for Bannon After managing a campaign that catapulted Donald Trump into the White House, Steve Bannon is bringing his services to Europe this week.

How a no-deal Brexit could cripple Britain As the UK edges dangerously close towards leaving the EU without an agreement, the once-unthinkable prospect of a no-deal Brexit has become an increasingly realistic one.

These 5 Countries Show How the European Far-Right Is Growing in Power Across Europe, populism is growing on both the left and the right-but it has much more momentum on the right.

ISIS Is Poised to Make a Comeback in Syria Religious extremists will try to inherit the energy of the all-but-defeated rebellion, just as they did in Iraq after the surge.

Allowing Iran's land bridge to Syria - an Israeli mistake like ignoring Egyptian and Syrian 1973 war preparations Marking the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed never to repeat Israel's mistake of not ordering a pre-emptive attack.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Israel shuts down for Yom Kippur Roads and airwaves fall silent, but security and rescue services remain on high alert on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

Watch: Why do a million Israelis flock to Jerusalem's Old City? Arutz Sheva joins a Selichot tour to take a look at an attraction that has seen skyrocketing popularity.

Ahead of Yom Kippur, ultra-Orthodox Jews cast out sins with chickens and water Waving chickens above their heads, ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel performed the ritual of "kaparot" ahead of Yom Kippur, the most sacred day of the Jewish calendar, which begins at sundown on Tuesday.

ANALYSIS: Crisis With Russia Will Affect Israel's Operational Capabilities in Syria A political crisis erupted between Israel and Russia on the eve of Yom Kippur after a Russian Ilyushin IL-20 aircraft was downed by a Syrian S-200 missile which was supposed to hit an Israeli F-16 fighter jet flying close to the Russian plane.

Can a Divided Nation Learn to Forgive? The imperative to learn from our mistakes and make amends isn't consistent with intolerance for and refusing to listen to opposing views.

Pouring the Hearts of Israel into Third Temple's Foundations As the new year begins, a look back shows that the multi-year trend of Jews ascending to the site of the Jewish Temples is growing even stronger.

Humanitarian Concessions Will Not Reduce Hamas Violence. Here is the Evidence Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman appears to be accepting the argument that humanitarian gestures towards Hamas will buy quiet.

Cleric on PA TV: Israelis like "rats burrow under the ground" of Al Aqsa Fatah repeats libel: Israel is carrying out "plan to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque"

Watch: If Israel were a village of 100 persons Central Bureau of Statistics presents latest population data - with a scaled-down model for easier visualization.

Russia accuses Israel of pushing its missing spy plane into Syrian line of fire Russia blames Israeli military planes for creating a "dangerous" situation in Latakia, by exposing its missing IL-20 spy plane to friendly Syrian missile fire that was directed against an Israeli air raid nearby on Sept. 17.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Yom Kippur, The Holiest Day of the Jewish Year This year, Yom Kippur begins a few minutes before sunset on Tuesday, September 18th and concludes after nightfall on Wednesday, September 19th.

Thousands attend funeral for terror victim Ari Fuld, who is remembered as a hero US-born father of four eulogized as someone who battled in word and deed for what he believed in, fought relentlessly for Israel with body and soul.

Mahmoud Abbas: Fresh American Blood on His Hands Abbas's Responsibility for Murder According to Palestinian terrorist groups, the terrorist, Khalil Jabarin, decided to murder a Jew in response to Israeli "crimes" against the Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular and Islamic holy sites in general.

Putin, Erdogan to discuss Idlib in Sochi On the agenda for the bilateral meeting in Russia's Sochi is Turkey-Russia relations, economy and energy issues, and regional and international issues of common concern, including Idlib in Syria.

Thousands visit West Bank holy sites in predawn pilgrimages Some 15,000 religious Jews travel to Hebron's Tomb of the Patriarchs, while 1,500 visit Joseph's Tomb in Nablus for pre-Yom Kippur prayers.

Sea of Galilee Nears Dangerous Black Line Due to Agriculture, Water Diversion The Holy Land has had five years in a row of drought. While a bit more rainfall is predicted by meteorologists this winter - rain does not fall here in the late spring or summer - the deficit has put the Sea of Galilee in its worst condition in hundreds of years, if not more.

Israel's Next Election is in One Year, and Netanyahu is Trying to Ensure He Wins Israel's next general election will be held in 2019, assuming the current government serves its full term-a rarity in these parts, but a very real possibility with just over a year to go

Yom Kppur War archives: Head of Military Intelligence: There will be no war IDF releases minutes of General Staff meetings from day before Yom Kippur War, where assessment no war would happen was made.

187% Rise in Settler Housing Starts in Second Quarter of 2018 The second quarter data in 2018 on housing starts is therefore higher by 66% than that of 2017.

ANALYSIS: Israel Hits Syria, Why Doesn't Syria Hit Back? Syrian media reported on Saturday night that Israel had attacked targets near the airport in Damascus.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


The ‘Final Offensive’ In Syria by Putin and Assad Suddenly Looks Like It’s On Hold Bombing has stopped, some Syrian army units have redeployed—and anti-Assad demonstrations are erupting. 

US Democrats to Palestinians: We Won’t Fight Your War” A Palestinian bid to harness their case against President Donald Trump to the US Democrats’ midterm election campaign was spurned, DEBKAfile reports exclusively.

The real danger facing the European Union EEP leader Manfred Weber says he will fight the radical right if elected EU Commission President. 

The Promise Of The Oslo Peace Accords - And The Reality 25 Years Later "The first major lesson to learn from Oslo, is that the gaps between the parties are real, and very deep."

Day of Atonement, Day of the Bicycles There is only one day in the Jewish year when it is quite safe for children to ride their bicycles – of course with a suitable helmet and preferably knee and shoulder pads – in the usually busy streets and highways of Israel.

Chinese Deal To Take Over Key Israeli Port May Threaten U.S. Naval Operations, Critics Say A Chinese company is planning to take over management of Israel’s Haifa port as Beijing continues to advance its global influence in the form of economic projects and big commercial deals.

Palestinian official says U.S. will never present Middle East peace plan The United States will not present its long-awaited plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace any time soon and is instead trying to unilaterally change the terms of reference for any future proposal, a senior Palestinian official said on Saturday.

City of London criticised for giving humanitarian award to Turkish president's wife 'It’s extraordinary - what were the City of London thinking of?' asks guest at prestigious Mansion House venue.

Opinion: The media is unintentionally bolstering the Russian narrative In the past month, Russia’s long-range nuclear bombers, alongside some of their most capable fighters, have made two flights through Alaska’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

Trump Peace Team In “Pre-Launch” Phase, Completing Economic Package "We are in the 'pre-launch' phase of the plan and still need to put the finishing touches on it, although that can happen very quickly."

Friday, September 14, 2018


Russia-China military cooperation 'could worry Europe' Deepened ties such as those displayed in Vostok 2018 war games may make some small countries nervous, says European diplomat.

The Price of Israeli Withdrawal: Lessons from the Past Prominent politicians still advocate withdrawal from the West Bank.

Since 2016: Hamas using 17,000 children to fight Israel Jerusalem Institute for Justice submits request to sue Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh for using children as child soldiers, human shields.

The Promise of the Oslo Peace Accords - and the reality 25 years later "The first major lesson to learn from Oslo, is that the gaps between the parties are real, and very deep."

Pagan Arch to Reappear as Washington Exhibit Centerpiece The reproduction of the Arch of Palmyra, a Roman victory arch that stood as the entrance to a pagan temple for almost 2,000 years, will make an improbable appearance in Washington D.C. and the International Criminal Court in the Hague as a "symbol of Peace and Resilience."

The Grim Cost of the "Oslo War" Twenty-five years after Oslo, the balance sheet is more like what in 2003 the historian Efraim Karsh called the start of the "Oslo war".

Ending the 'Long War' For those of us who were in the Pentagon when it was attacked, the weeks around the 9/11 anniversary are always a blue period.

Britain and EU 'closing in' on a Brexit agreement, Raab says Britain and the European Union are "closing in" on a withdrawal agreement, Brexit minister Dominic Raab said on Friday, before a meeting of European leaders in Salzburg next week.

The real danger facing the European Union EEP leader Manfred Weber says he will fight the radical right if elected EU Commission President. Can we believe him?

Poland is pushing the EU into crisis It's reaping the benefits while ignoring its rules.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Fatah mocks 9/11 in cartoon On the 17th anniversary of the terror attack on 9/11, Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Movement posted the above cartoon, mocking the horrific attack in which nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered.

Palestinians Call On Abbas To Dump Oslo Accords Representatives of Hamas and several Palestinian factions opposed to the Oslo Accords on Thursday attended a conference in Gaza City under the motto “The 25th Anniversary of the Catastrophic Oslo.”

ANALYSIS: What's Behind the New US Policy Toward the Palestinians? Twenty-five years ago today the first "Oslo Accord" was signed on the lawn of the White House in Washington, DC by then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

How 25 years of Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking aggravated the conflict From the vantage of a quarter-century later, there's a tragic irony in the history-making vibe that marked the signing of the Oslo peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.

Secular Israeli Adults Mostly Reluctant to Bike on Yom Kippur, But Their Children Let Loose There is only one day in the Jewish year when it is quite safe for children to ride their bicycles – of course with a suitable helmet and preferably knee and shoulder pads – in the usually busy streets and highways of Israel.

Russia Shares Syria War Experience With China In Largest Military Drills Across Asia The Russian military has put skills developed while fighting in Syria on display in ongoing, historic exercises across Asia—thus helping fellow U.S. rival China obtain crucial combat experience.

Eyeing reconstruction, Russia, Iran take center stage at Syria expo War allies who helped regime defeat rebels are now first in line for lucrative contracts to rebuild the shattered Syrian infrastructure.

Syria war: Turkey 'reinforces military posts in Idlib' Turkey is reportedly reinforcing its military observation posts inside rebel-held north-western Syria ahead of an expected government offensive.

If Britain Opts for Corbyn, Then the New Prime Minister Will Clash with Trump Over Israel The signs of breakdown in the liberal international order are mounting, and they’re coming from disparate directions: Washington battles its closest allies on trade, Beijing and Moscow come together more closely militarily in an anti-U.S. alliance, and Beijing seeks to make its territorial expansion a fait accompli in the Pacific.

Pope orders inquiry into bishop as U.S. Church leaders discuss abuse crisis Pope Francis has ordered an investigation of an American bishop accused of sexual misconduct with adults and accepted his resignation, deepening a worldwide clerical abuse scandal.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


25 years ago this week, Mideast peace seemed inevitable. Now it's further away than ever. I thought the 1993 Oslo Accords would put the Middle East on an irreversible path to peace.

OIC Jerusalem Speech: Turkey's President Erdogan speaks on Jerusalem Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells the OIC summit on Jerusalem that Israel is an occupying and terror state "We call on the international community to recognise East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine".

Exclusive: Turkey boosts arms to Syrian rebels as Idlib attack looms - rebel sources Turkey has stepped up arms supplies to Syrian rebels to help them stave off an expected offensive by the Syrian army and its Russian and Iran-backed allies in the northwest near the Turkish frontier, rebel sources told Reuters.

Juncker: EU will send additional 10,000 guards to borders The EU plans to send 10,000 more border guards to tackle unlawful immigration by 2020, the European Commission's president Jean-Claude Juncker said in his annual state of the union address.

The big question: Has the European Union been a success? Europe's ambitious postwar project is considered by some to have been a triumph, ensuring peace and steadying economies across the continent - yet it is decried by others as a bureaucratic nightmare.

Fox: U.N. Bloc may push for recognition of Palestinian State "Don't blame us for cutting aid," UN ambassador Nikki Haley said.

Has the Palestinians' Relevance in End-of-Days Process Expired? The Palestinian Authority is boycotting the White House which has responded by cutting off massive amounts of funding and shutting down the PLO Mission in Washington.

Pope summons bishops for February abuse prevention summit Pope Francis is summoning the presidents of every bishops conference around the world for a February summit to discuss preventing clergy sex abuse and protecting children -evidence that he realizes the scandal is global and that inaction threatens to undermine his legacy.

Turkey's Latest Power Grab a Naval Base in Cyprus? The possibility of a Turkish naval base on Cyprus does not bode well for the chances of a Cyprus reunification deal, particularly after the breakdown of the July 2017 peace talks.

Post-war Syria destined to be sanctions-busting hub, the Russian-Iranian-Turkish summit decides Shared mechanisms for beating US sanctions against Iran may be built into Syria's massive post-war reconstruction program, DEBKAfile's exclusive sources report.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Watch: Thousands at Western Wall on Rosh Hashanah eve Thousands of worshipers came overnight and continue to arrive this morning at the Kotel for 'selichot' prayers ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

Russia launches biggest war games since Cold War Russia has launched its biggest military exercise since the Cold War, involving about 300,000 service personnel, in eastern Siberia.

In Israel threat, Iran nuke chief warns of 'harsh' result if scientists attacked Israel is frequently blamed for a string of bombings which targeted a number of Iranian scientists beginning in 2010.

Are We Remembering 9/11 or Forgetting It? Instead of being angry at the perpetrators of 9/11, some people are angry at those who waterboarded three (only three) terrorists, including one of the chief planners of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Memorial for Heroes Past and Present "As I look at the memorial today, I think of John McCain, who aspired to a morality in government," Blank told The Jerusalem Post.

The Anti-Israel Effort Intensifies in Politics and On Campus Anti-Semitism continues to be aggressively promoted in the guise of anti-Israelism in two highly influential arenas.

Netanyahu praises 'correct decision' by US to shut PLO mission in Washington As US says PLO office to close because Palestinians not supporting talks with Israel, Abbas envoy claims 'We lost the US administration but we gained our national rights'.

How the EU will vote and why it matters An annual address to the European Parliament on Wednesday by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker puts a spotlight on EU elections next year.

US forces in Syria are preparing for a Russian assault: Is war a likely outcome? Last week, a company sized element of U.S. Marines operating out of the Tanf garrison in Syria kicked off a series of "show of force" drills intended to demonstrate in no uncertain terms the extent to which the U.S. military can respond if challenged in the region.

Rosh Hashanah needs a little preparation - we have a digital solution Too often, Rosh Hashanah resembles Kramer from "Seinfeld."

Monday, September 10, 2018


5779: A New Year of Hope The prophecy of kibbutz galuyot - the ingathering of the exiles - was realized as Jews from all corners of the world returned to their ancient homeland.

Putin Is Pushing for Total Victory in Syria No Matter How Many Civilians Die With Chechnya as his model, the Russian president is willing to level whole cities to enforce 'peace.'

Turkey pins hopes on cleric Sadr to form Iraqi government As a variety of serious issues between Baghdad and Ankara are put on hold as Iraq forms a new government, Turkey is keeping a close watch.

The EU is preparing a big Brexit compromise to 'save Theresa' May The EU is preparing to offer Theresa May a lifeline by handing its chief negotiator new instructions to help seal a deal with Britain, according to a report.

Heeding the Call of the Shofar If each and every one of us use this year's shofar blowing to reflect upon these lessons, then we as a collective will emerge from Rosh Hashanah as much better individuals and a much improved nation.

Putin is ready go all the way against the US in Syria. Where does this place Israel? Russian-Syrian success in the high-stakes Idlib offensive would give Tehran a major victory and renewed footing in Syria.

Death as Punishment "for Disbelief": Extremist Persecution of Christians, February 2018 "I was beaten and taken to a bathroom. I asked what was my mistake, and they [the police] replied that I was his cousin.... Later they asked me to pull his pants down and sodomize him. I refused." - Christian man, Pakistan

Rouhani urges Iran's army to increase power Iranian Supreme Leader urges Iran's armed forces to increase their power to "scare off" the enemy.

Report: Trump administration to close PLO office in Washington According to early draft of Trump's national security advisor's remarks reviewed by Wall Street Journal, 'The Trump administration will not keep the office open when the Palestinians refuse to take steps to start direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel.'

World's leaders greet Jews ahead of Rosh Hashana In anticipation of the Jewish new year, US President Donald Trump says 'The Jewish people endured and overcome unthinkable persecution and suffering.

Saturday, September 08, 2018


Israel On The Eve Of 5779: The Good, The Bad And The Exaggerated Not every headache augurs a stroke, nor every rosy cheek perfect health.

Russia pounds Syria’s Idlib after efforts to prevent offensive fail War monitor says 4 civilians killed in rebel stronghold in the ‘most violent’ Russian airstrikes in a month.

While Iran’s leaders and allies confer on Idlib, Shiite Iraq implodes in their faces Tehran’s back yard, Shiite Iraq, is on the brink of a violent civil war.

IDF to Hizballah: Don’t try and surprise us after withdrawing from Syria Intelligence monitors report deepening Hizballah control of Lebanese army forces near the Israeli frontier, raising concerns that the Iranian-backed group is refocusing on Israel as its troops return from the Syrian war.

Iran moves missiles to Iraq in attempt to fortify security, influence Last week, Reuters reported that Iran transferred two types of weapons — a rail-launched artillery rocket and solid-propellant short-range ballistic missiles called the Fateh-110 and the Zulfiqar — to Shiite militias in neighboring Iraq.

Netanyahu bores family with his feats in Rosh Hashanah skit The premier pokes fun at himself, from his wife’s legal woes to his endlessly highlighted presentation of Iran’s nuclear archive.

Why economic fears are now scaring Leave voters away from Brexit Fears of the negative impact of Brexit are pushing a growing chunk of Leave voters towards wanting to remain in the EU, leading polling expert John Curtice has told Business Insider.

Piece of Texas heading to US Embassy in Israel Greg Abbott presents cornerstone plaque for US Jerusalem Embassy recounting Texas-Israel connection.

This Jewish Group Uses ‘Biblical Prophecy’ To Grow Christian Support For Israel Michele Bachmann, a former Republican congresswoman who drew criticism in 2015 for calling for the mass conversion of the Jews, had an announcement to make to the Jewish people.

Third Temple, House of God for All Nations And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, to the House of the God of Yaakov; that He may instruct us in His ways, and that we may walk in His paths.” For Torah shall come forth from Tzion, the word of Hashem from Yerushalayim.

Friday, September 07, 2018


Jewish People Have 'Flourished and Thrived as an Example of Humankind,' Trump Declares in Rosh Hashanah Message US President Donald Trump spoke once again of his "personal connection" to Judaism on Thursday, as he held a telephone call with American Jewish leaders to mark Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year which begins on Sunday night.

Expert: An Israeli Strike on Iranian Targets in Iraq 'A Major Escalation' Charles Lister says Iran has already won their strategic victory in Syria.

Czech PM: Muslim immigrants 'threat to European civilization' Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babisslams EU policy allowing millions of immigrants from Muslim countries into Europe.

EU banks on last minute Brexit deal this autumn Brussels is in full bustle again after the summer lull and Brexit is back - if not quite at the top - then certainly high up on diplomats' agendas.

God Was Right, Not Good for Man to be Alone Israelis - according to international surveys - are the 11th-most-happy population, ahead of the US and many other advanced and richer countries.

Record year for tourism in Israel 20% increase in tourism over the previous year, including 115% in tourism from Poland.

Paraguay and Israel in spat over Jerusalem embassy Paraguay's new government has announced that it will move its embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv - just three months after shifting it to Jerusalem.

Syria and Russia Strike in Idlib as Leaders meet in Teheran Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warned Turkey can not accept any more refugees, claimed any attack in Idlib would result in a disaster.

Palestinians: Spitting in the Well In reality, the Palestinians have one main message for the US administration: We hate you and incite against you, but we fully expect that you will continue providing us with cash, to the tune of billions of dollars.

Abbas Threatens to Sever Relations with Israel if it Negotiates with Hamas According to this report, Abbas's position caused Egypt to place the internal Palestinian reconciliation at the top of its list of priorities and to reject the "calm first" approach.

Thursday, September 06, 2018


Jewish Holidays, But No Jews Allowed on Temple Mount The joy of Rosh Hashanah will be lessened this year as Jews will be prohibited from entering their holy sites, forced to stand outside and peer in as Muslims celebrate their own holidays.

Iraq: The Next Potential Israel-Iran Battleground According to the Reuters news agency, Iran has deployed "several dozens" of ballistic missiles to Iraq and is training its allied Shiite fighters to manufacture advanced rockets at various facilities in the country.

US ambassador sees Golan remaining in Israeli hands 'forever' David Friedman suggests Trump administration could recognize strategic plateau bordering Syria as sovereign Israeli territory, weeks after John Bolton played down the idea.

Jordan steps up support of East Jerusalem Palestinians The Cabinet has accepted recommendations to reduce passport fees and allow Jerusalem's Palestinians to renew their passports without the burden of travel to Amman.

ANALYSIS: Israel Heavily Involved in Widening Syrian War The Syrian civil war is slowly turning into a regional conflict which has the potential to become a world war and Israel is heavily involved in it.

Rabbi: The Messiah Might Have Already Come and We Didn't Notice As the Hebrew year 5778 comes to a close, Breaking Israel News asked several end-of-days experts about how this year fits into the Geula (redemption) process and whether the Messiah can be expected to arrive in 5779.

Caroline Glick: Trump's 'Peace Process' Starts by Ending the Fake One President Donald Trump's decision last week to defund the UN Refugee Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) may not seems as significant as recognizing that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and transferring the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

What Palestinians Mean When They Talk About A 'Two-State Solution' At a recent campaign-style rally, President Donald Trump said that Israel is going to have to pay a "higher price" in future negotiations for his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Why Hamas Escalated - and Why It Is Winning the Present Round The accumulated deterrence achieved in the three previous rounds of wide-scale fighting between Israel and Hamas in 2008-9, 2012, and 2014 has come to a temporary halt.

Abbas: The Same Mistakes as Arafat The question that needs to be asked is: Is it Palestinian public opinion, brought on by decades of incitement, that is pressuring Abbas into embarking on his anti-peace and anti-Israel rhetoric?

Wednesday, September 05, 2018


Red Heifer Birth, Paves Way for Renewed Temple Service Last Tuesday, the Temple Institute's Red Heifer program was blessed with results; an entirely red female calf was born, paving the way for re-establishing the Temple service and marking the final stage of redemption.

Iran deepens military grip on Syria despite 200 Israeli strikes in 21 months After 200 Israel attacks and 800 tons of ordnance, Iran has not halted its deepening military foothold in Syria, only switched tactics, DEBKAfile's military sources report.

Why Syrians are depending on unlikely ally Israel to combat Assad, Russia Hani's mother warned him as a boy in Syria that if he didn't finish his dinner, Zionists would come and drink his blood.

Friedman: We've thrown $10b at Palestinians; peace isn't a millimeter closer Explaining why Trump defunded UNRWA, ambassador to Israel complains that US taxpayers' funds were used to perpetuate refugee problem; also slams PA stipends to terrorists.

Poll: 89% of Israeli Jews don't see peace in 5779 The poll found that the older people are, the more likely they are to back a two-state solution.

Ahead of Jewish new year, Israel's population at 8.9 million, largely content Central Bureau of Statistics data shows 89% of Israelis satisfied with their lives, more than half exercise regularly, and life expectancy still one of highest in the world.

Why Hamas Escalated - and Why It Is Winning the Present Round The accumulated deterrence achieved in the three previous rounds of wide-scale fighting between Israel and Hamas in 2008-9, 2012, and 2014 has come to a temporary halt.

First publication: Why did EU Foreign Minister refuse to meet Yesha leaders? EU Foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini ignores request to meet joint delegation of Jewish and Arab leaders from Judea and Samaria.

'Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism' Minister Yisrael Katz: We must focus on halting and reversing the Iranian threat.

In Photos: Jerusalem prepares for Rosh Hashanah Jerusalem gears up for a great 5779.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


New Beginnings for Biblical UN? Nations Attend Creation Concert On Monday night, approximately one thousand people gathered at the foot of the Temple Mount for the World Creation Concert.

Israel signals it could attack Iranian threats in Iraq Israel's Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the country is monitoring Iranian threats in Syria and it "will contend with any Iranian threat, and it doesn't matter from where it comes."

Report: Iran Smuggling Arms to Hezbollah on Civilian Fights Iran's civilian airline is being used to smuggle arms to terror group Hezbollah and Iranian weapons factories in Lebanon, Fox News reported Monday citing Western intelligence officials.

The 'Confederation' Idea: Pulled From The Fringes and Thrust Into The Center Abbas recently retrieved the unorthodox option for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict out of history's dust bin.

Israel 5778 in numbers: 25,000 New Olim, 89 % of Israelis are happy The State of Israel contains 2.51 million households. 52,809 couples got married throughout this year, while 14,819 separated.

Temple Times Come Alive in Israel's First Mobile VR Walking Tour Jerusalem's ancient stories, places and people have come alive with new virtual reality (VR) technology as Israel's first VR mobile walking tour was launched at the Tower of David on September 3rd.

Russian drill might cause flight changes at Israeli airport Moscow says exercise is meant to improve naval communication, amid fears the Kremlin is seeking to establish stronger presence Mideast as Syrian civil war draws to an end.

How Obama Unwittingly Brought Israel and the Arabs Closer to Peace Former-US President Barack Obama was harshly criticized in Israel for his handling of the Iran nuclear crisis, and in particular for the terms of the deal he eventually brokered with the Islamic Republic.

This poll shows millions of Brexit voters now want to remain in the EU Around 2.6 million voters have switched their support from leaving the EU to remaining, major new polling shows.

Over 10,000 expected at Western Wall for 'Day of Jewish Unity' US Ambassador David Friedman expected to join thousands in mass prayer event at Western Wall ahead of Rosh Hashanna.

Monday, September 03, 2018


The Bible says Israel belongs to the Jews – and has for over 3,000 years The Americans, British and Arab states can debate whatever Mideast peace plan they want.

U.S. Sounds Abbas Out on Palestinian-Jordan Confederation Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told a group of Israeli lawmakers and activists on Sunday that President Donald Trump’s negotiating team had asked whether he would agree to a confederation with neighboring Jordan.

Rivlin: Confederation with Palestinians may be ‘momentous opportunity’ for peace Day after Abbas backs idea, Israel’s president says ‘we need to find a way to live together, and life together could certainly be in a confederation’

Hamas Leader Threatens Israel With 'Six Months' of Rockets on Tel Aviv Yahya Sinwar says Israel and Hamas can make progress on prisoner swap even without reaching an agreement on long-term cease-fire.

President Trump wants this to be a new year of peace US President's Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt says regional changes create opportunity for peace, even if it will be difficult.

Mainline Protestant Churches' Mantra Of “Palestinian Rights” What's really being condoned is the Palestinian right to kill Jews.

Trump's Reported Mideast Peace Plan Could Spell Doom for Jordan It was widely reported in Israel and the Palestinian media this week that US President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan involves a possible confederation between the neighboring Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

Defense minister indicates Israel could hit Iranian targets in Iraq Responding to report Tehran has provided Shiite proxies with ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, Avigdor Liberman says: ‘We will handle any Iranian threat, no matter where’.

Russia’s Deadly Embrace of Pakistan In a far-reaching development for India’s strategic interests, Russia signed an agreement with Pakistan for naval cooperation on July 31.

Israel Seeks European Aid in Plan to Pump Desalinated Water to the Sea of Galilee Israeli government hatched a plan to build a tunnel that will pump desalinated water to the receding lake.