Saturday, August 13, 2016


Israel's virtual security zone  A working relationship with rebels on the other side of the Golan Heights has kept the border with Syria quiet. 

Movements toward war in the Far East: China face off with U.S.-backed powers  On the chessboard of Northeast, East and Southeast Asia, the players are inexorably arranging their pieces. 

The third Jewish Temple is coming to your Facebook feed  The Temple Institute, dedicated to rebuilding ancient holy site, now using new internet tools to bring its message to the masses. 

Amid tensions, Russia deploys advanced surface-to-air missile system to Crimea  Russia has deployed an advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile battery to the Crimean Peninsula amid escalating tensions there, according to Russian news reports. 

The odd couple: Putin and Erdogan  The Russo-Turkish thaw is bad news for Washington, Brussels and Syria's Kurds. 

Fact Check: Were Obama and Hillary Founders of ISIS? You Bet  Even the left-stream media is now acknowledging that Donald Trump 'has a point' when he blasts Hilary and Obama for creating ISIS. 

The real al Aqsa Mosque is not in Jerusalem  Expose: Muslim canards about Jerusalem and the al Aqsa Mosque revealed and proven to be lies through the publicizing of original sources. 

Turkey at a crossroads: A look inside the night of the coup and its aftermath  Turkey finds rare unity in defeat of coup attempt a month ago, but dissidents worry about the future. 

Pentagon: Iran improved ballistic missiles after nuclear deal  A new report, published by the US Department of Defense, outlines Iran's sins as a growing cyber and ballistic security threat. 

* 'Hail Satan': Alaskan council meeting opens with prayer to Lucifer (VIDEO)  The mundanity of a local council meeting in Alaska was astonishingly broken when a decision to open up the forum to all religions resulted in a Satanist presenting the opening prayer - to Lucifer.