Tuesday, October 05, 2010


* Egypt president warns of 'global terror' if Mideast peace talks fail Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has warned that a failure in Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations would lead to "violence and terrorism" across the world.

* Counter-terrorism officials: More than 100 'dangerous Islamists' in Europe Hundreds of "dangerous Islamists radicals" are suspected to be based around Europe.

* Most PA Arabs Back Recent Murder of Israeli Civilians A majority of Palestinian Authority Arabs supported a recent murderous terror attack against Israeli civilians.

* CBS Poll: Israel Can't Count on US Public If Iran Attacks Israel would find it itself without widespread support from the American public for United States reprisals against Iran if Tehran attacks the Jewish State.

* Turkey invited China to join NATO air exercise after U.S. withdrew China was secretly allowed to participate in a Turkish-sponsored combat air exercise reserved for NATO allies.

* Coding of Virus Attacking Iran May Refer to Queen Esther Iranian Intelligence Minister Heider Moslehi said Sunday that his country is under cyber attack, and blamed the United States and Israel.

* Europe pressures China as fears grow of forex 'war' Europe piled pressure on China on Tuesday to let the yuan rise in value, as leaders locked horns with Asian giants and fears rose of a global "war" on currency exchanges.

* Chief scientist who questioned evolution theory fired The Education Ministry's chief scientist, Dr. Gavriel Avital, was dismissed on Monday following a scandal-filled trial period of less than a year.

* The iPhone's 'Israeli Embassy' After years of not knowing how to handle it, the Israeli government has finally "gotten" tech.

* NASA: Collaboration with Saudis a 'cornerstone' of U.S. policy Saudi Arabia and the United States have agreed to expand space cooperation.