Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Israeli Politicians: PLO Torpedoing peace with vote to not recognize Israel Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon slammed the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday, after the PLO Central Council decided to suspend its recognition of the state of Israel.

Netanyahu's Gaza policy: De-escalation without war Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chose to elaborate on his security policy in the face of the Gaza Strip conflict for the first time on the day before Israel's municipal elections on Oct, 30.

Pittsburgh shooting: Anger at Pence rally 'Jesus prayer' US Vice-President Mike Pence faces controversy after a cleric whose views are shunned by mainstream Jews led prayers for victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

As World Criticizes, Israel Hails Brazil's New President When Donald J. Trump stunned the world by becoming president of the United States, Israel was one of the few nations to offer genuine congratulations.

Will Brazil's New President Call to Build Third Temple? Brazil's election of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing president, highlights a significant shift in thought, moving away from left-wing socialism while unabashedly embracing an approach to Christianity that supports Israel.

The 12 strongest militaries in the 'Muslim World' The 'Muslim World' stretches from the far reaches of Western Africa to Southeast Asia.

Will US sanctions sway Iran to enter oil deal with Russia? Recent statements by the Israeli media that Iran might start selling oil to Russian refineries to evade US sanctions should be taken with a grain of salt.

How the world is grappling with China's rising power Countries around the world are pushing back against China's revival as a major global power.

Angela Merkel's exit may mean a policy shift for China in Europe Analysts say German chancellor's departure will bring new uncertainties to an already inward-looking European Union.

Turkey and Qatar: An Alliance Under the Saudi Sword The new U.S. leverage that emerged after the Saudi embarrassment is the same leverage that the U.S. can now use to broker an entente between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.