Monday, February 09, 2015


Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin renews blame on West Ukraine's crisis has been caused by the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin says, as he considers Franco-German proposals to end fighting between the government and pro-Russia rebels.

#OPISIS: Anonymous targets ISIS online propaganda The hacktivist group Anonymous says it has targeted dozens of websites and social media accounts used by the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) to recruit new members and disseminate propaganda.

Germany: Muslims distribute Qurans to show Islam is peaceful This is a great idea, but…what if some Infidels read it?

Putin visits Egypt in bid to expand influence, arms deals While Cairo-Washington ties remain frayed, Moscow looks to bolster its economic, military reach in the Arab world.

Over 200,000 Killed in Syrian Civil War So Far Some 210,000 people have been killed in Syria since civil war broke out there in 2011, a report Sunday said.

Abbas book tying Nazism to Zionism to be translated to Hebrew Abbas claims Hitler and Ben-Gurion were "good friends" in his 1984 work which has, to this day, received little exposure outside of the Arabic-speaking world.

PM: Herzog's First Move - Giving Away Jerusalem Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the Labor Party/Zionist Camp would make negotiating away Jerusalem one of their first priorities .

Jordan Says ISIS is '20% Defeated' In revenge for burning of pilot, Jordan strikes 56 air raids since last Thursday; Kerry says fifth of ISIS-held land taken back. .

Quartet Calls for 'Speedy Resumption' of Israel-PA Peace Talks The Middle East Quartet urges Israel and PA to avoid actions that "undermine efforts" to resolve their longstanding conflict.

Pew Report: European Jewry Shrinking Drastic decrease in European Jewish population since 1939, with steady declines even decades after the Holocaust.