Wednesday, March 14, 2018


U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria The United States is monitoring information indicating that North Korea may be running a large underground military base in Syria that could be used for advanced weaponry and nuclear-related work.

Shadowy Terrorist Group Emerges in Iraq A new group in Iraq called White Flag is coming under close scrutiny by U.S. intelligence agencies amid concerns the terrorist organization could become a regional successor to the Islamic State.

Tillerson fired over rogue bid to save Iran nuke deal This is all the more reason, beyond the ones I detailed yesterday, why it is good that Tillerson is gone. The Iran nuclear deal is catastrophically bad for the U.S. and the free world in general.

An Israel-Hezbollah War Could Draw in Iran, U.S. Intelligence Warns "Iran as the main source of destabilization in the region", according to US intelligence official.

Poll: U.S. Public Sympathy for Israel at Record High The Gallup Poll showed that 74% of the US public views Israel favorably.

Physicist Stephen Hawking, Who Conquered the Stars, Dies at 76. He died peacefully at his home in the British university city of Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday.

Israel Holds Emergency Drills, Preparing for War on Six Fronts Last week at the graduation ceremony for new Israeli naval officers, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kochavi said that the Jewish state was preparing for war on no fewer than six fronts.

Kurdish Christians Facing Forced Conversions in Syria's Afrin Province Armed Syrian militias allied with Turkey have reportedly been demanding that Kurdish Christians in Afrin province convert to Islam or face execution. In a video circulated by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Palestinian Peace Plan Opposing a peace initiative because you do not like its content is one thing.

Vladimir Loves Hillary The truth behind the media myth.