Thursday, March 02, 2017


Egyptian-Iranian detente a boon for the region and beyond In the Middle East, the two most contiguous cultures are the Egyptian and Persian civilizations. For ages, they stood as beacons of durable learning and contributed immeasurably to human progress.

Islamic State: "We will certainly plant our flag over America, China, Russia, and all the infidels of the world" And one Islamic State jihadi threatened China's "evil Chinese Communist infidel lackeys".

Iraqi Military Expert: U.S. Needs to Prioritize Military Operation Over Political Solution The United States needs to continue its commitment to train and equip Iraqi security forces in the coming years to prevent the reemergence of the Islamic State after its anticipated defeat by coalition forces in Mosul.

The Arab Summit may bury hatchet with Assad Secret contacts currently underway ahead of the Arab League summit later this month may bring about a sea change in the Arab world's relationship with Syrian President Bashar Assad, DEBKAfile's sources report.

Iranian film hails demise of US Navy in imagined Gulf battle Director of animated 'Battle of the Persian Gulf II,' 4 years in the making, warns Washington of 'a rain of hot lead' in response to any attack.

Can There be Nazism in America? In the early 1950s, Ashlag wrote: "There is no hope that Nazism will perish with the victory of the allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism." Could he be right?

Terrorism cases against Facebook reach climax American- Israeli Richard Lakin, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that he is "outraged" at Facebook for pretending that it has zero tolerance for terrorism.

Facebook Restores Fatah Account, Apologizes to Palestinian Terrorists To the stunned approval of Israel and its supporters Facebook earlier this week shut down the official account of the ruling Palestinian faction, Fatah.

New DNC Deputy Keith Ellison's Islamic Agenda for Congress Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the new deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and the first Muslim elected to Congress, has a plan to recruit additional Muslim lawmakers like him.

Report: Iran preparing massive military buildup Weapons ban on Iran due to be lifted by 2020 as part of 2015 nuclear deal, termination likely to prompt wave of acquisitions.