Thursday, October 12, 2017


Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah sign deal in Cairo Hamas and Fatah have signed a landmark reconciliation deal in Cairo in a key step towards ending a decade-long rift between the two Palestinian factions.

Fatah: Dying for Allah "will create the State of Palestine" In a post on Facebook, Abbas' Fatah Movement encourages Palestinians to die for Allah. It is Palestinians dying for Allah, the spilling of "the blood of the Martyrs," Fatah says, that "will create the State of Palestine."

Christian Pilgrims to Jerusalem Spread Economic Blessings During Sukkot Christian tourists are flooding Jerusalem during the holiday of Sukkot, bringing a blessing to the economy in a manner reminiscent of Jerusalem in the days of the Temple, when pilgrims filled the city's markets.

US already 'lit fuse of war,' nuclear arms not subject to negotiations - N. Korea's FM Pyongyang will not give up its nuclear program under any conditions, North Korea's Foreign Minister has emphasized, stating that the US has "lit the fuse of war" and that Washington should cease its hostile actions first.

PHOTOS: Sanhedrin Revives Ancient Temple Water Libation Ritual in Shiloah Valley On Monday afternoon, a group of approximately 500 set out from the Dung Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, singing and dancing as they descended into the valley below Jerusalem with one goal in mind

Over 60 Thousand Participate in Jerusalem Annual March The 3km march draws in people from all over the world, united in love for Jerusalem and the people of Israel.

Russia ready to mediate talks between Saudi Arabia & Iran - deputy FM Russia is ready and willing to mediate in establishing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov has stated.

Israel's Defense Minister: Lebanon's Army 'An Integral Part' of Hezbollah "Whoever wants peace must prepare for war, and I hope that our enemies on the other side will think carefully about every step taken against the State of Israel," says Defense Minister Liberman.

Fighters in Inter-Arab 'Cold War' Dig in for the Long Haul "This feud has not played out behind closed doors, it is being waged with the biggest public relations and propaganda efforts in the western media."

North Korea crisis: US bombers conduct military drills The US has conducted a joint military exercise with South Korea, flying two strategic bombers over the Korean peninsula.

Over a million Jews worldwide gear up for 'Shabbat Project'A kosher Shabbat dinner at a backpacker's lodge in Dalat, Vietnam; a 9,000 women-strong challah-baking event in Buenos Aires.

Australia: Muslim tells intel services, "It's either you will become a Muslim or you will die by the sword" "It's either you will become a Muslim and you believe in Allah or you will die by the sword."

Palestinian Normalization -- With Hamas, Not Israel The most widespread conspiracy theory, which has been floating around for decades and can be heard in almost every coffee shop on the streets of Cairo, Amman, Ramallah and Beirut, is that Zionist Jews, together with American capitalists and imperialists, have a secret plan to take control over the Arab and Islamic countries and their resources.

Mattis: 'Stand Ready' for World War III Following a speech Monday to the Association of the United States Army, Defense Secretary James Mattis said the military is must "stand ready" if called upon by President Donald Trump to go to war.