Tuesday, December 15, 2015


* On its anniversary, Hamas vows to "keep its weapon directed at the Israeli occupation only" - Marking the 28th anniversary of its founding, Hamas vows to "continue resistance and steadfastness until almighty Allah grants us triumph."

* Saudis announce Islamic anti-terrorism coalition - Saudi Arabia has said 34 mainly Muslim nations have joined a new military alliance to fight terrorism.

* Syria conflict: Kerry seeks to narrow divisions with Russia - US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Moscow for talks on ways to bridge gaps over how to end the conflict in Syria.

* Next generation supersonic "Air Dominance" jet to have laser weapons - The stealth superwing: Next generation 'Air Dominance' fighter jet that will have built in laser weapons and could even travel at supersonic speeds revealed.

* UN watchdog set to close nuclear weapons probe of Iran - Despite Israel's objections, the International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to close its 12-year-old investigation into whether Iran has a secret plan to build a nuclear weapon.

* Access vs. anti-access: China, US posture in anti-ship missile face off - The People’s Liberation Army last month disclosed new details about its new intermediate-range anti-ship ballistic missile known as the DF-26.

* Palin on Fatwa Against Down Syndrome: "Over My Dead Body!" - Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin took to Facebook and Twitter Monday to assert her message to the Islamic State, which issued a fatwa – or religious decree – that authorizes its members to kill newborn babies with Down Syndrome, congenital deformities, and disabled children.

* Iran: We infiltrated the Mossad - Khamenei's "Ideology Office" chief claims Tehran has gotten in the Mossad, CIA and MI6, weeks after claims that ISIS's 'IDF colonel' caught.

* Hezbollah has lost 1/3 of its fighters in Syria - Israeli officials believe Hezbollah has suffered major losses fighting ISIS, Syrian rebels.

* US army chief says efforts to counter jihadi propaganda failing - Joint Chiefs chairman Joseph Dunford accuses West of overlooking Islamic State’s reach on social media.