Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Survey: Russia bypasses Israel as biggest threat to Turkey  According to a public perception survey, Russia has ended Israel's four year reign as the biggest threat to Turkey.

Pro-Palestinian group hacks Director of US National Intelligence  Group succeeds at obtaining personal emails as well as redirecting home phone to pro-Palestinian group. 

Christian Persecution Reaches Global Historic High, Thanks to Rise of Radical Islam  Christian persecution is at an historic high thanks to global rise of religious fundamentalism, most notably by radical Islam, Christian charity Open Doors has found. 

Analysis: Why would Pyongyang fake it, and what are the implications for Iran?  This attention will probably be temporary and it will likely not stop or slow down the Iran deal. 

Ambassador Danon on Iranian Holocaust cartoons: 'pure evil'  Winner of the competition for cartoons that ridicule and deny the Holocaust will receive a prize of $50,000. 

* 'If UN positions on Syria border fall to radicals, Israel will have to respond'  In INSS research paper, former senior officer from IDF's Planning Directorate warns of challenges to UNDOF in North. 

Leftists deny it, but Arabs who sell land to Jews are murdered  Following revelation that radical activists hand over would-be land sellers to PA, leftists claimed they are not killed. They are lying. 

Shadow of anti-Semitism is stalking Europe again  A growing fear of anti-Semitism is leading Europe's Jews to think twice about wearing yarmulkes in public. 

More Muslims than Jews in the US by 2040, study says  Currently around 3.3 million Muslims live in the US, making up one percent of the total population, and their population is growing faster than the Jewish one. 

ISIS Suffers Financial Blow as US Airstrikes Destroy Cash Warehouse  In its ongoing effort to rid the world of the threat that is the Islamic State (ISIS), the United States dropped two 2,000 pound bombs on a cash storage facility in the city of Mosul, Iraq on Monday.