Wednesday, January 03, 2018


'In 2017, Jews Won War for Temple Mount' - Activist In the past year, an unprecedented number of Jews ascended to their holiest site, laying claim in a manner that some Temple Mount Activists consider even more significant than the IDF victory in 1967 that unified Jerusalem.

US State Department Refuses to Stop Calling Judea, Samaria 'Occupied Territory' A request by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman asking the State Department to stop referring to Judea and Samaria as 'Occupied Territory' led to a surprising affirmation that US policy still holds the regions to be illegally occupied by Israel.

Hizballah and Hamas rank at top of Forbes' 'Richest Terror Groups' list Eight of the 'Top Ten' terror groups in terms of income are Muslim, with Hezbollah and Hamas ranked #1 and #3 respectively.

Palestinians condemn Trump threat to cut aid as 'blackmail' Palestinian officials have dismissed as "blackmail" Donald Trump's threat to cut US aid over what he called their unwillingness to negotiate with Israel.

Trump to N. Korean Leader: My Nuclear Button 'Is Bigger & More Powerful' US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told reporters the United States was hearing reports that North Korea might be preparing to fire another missile.

Are Iranians About to Topple Their Regime? Security service personnel need to desert their posts in order for the protests to turn into a revolution with successful regime change.

North Korea reopens hotline to South to discuss Olympics North Korea has reopened a hotline to South Korea, almost two years after it was disabled on the orders of leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump Tells Palestinians to Kiss American Money Goodbye US President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned that if the Palestinian Authority does not become more conciliatory in its approach to Israel, then it will no longer receive American financial aid.