Thursday, July 26, 2018


Rocket shot down by Iron Dome as Gaza border violence persists IDF says nine projectiles fired at Israel since Wednesday evening as fighting ramps up after soldier injured by sniper and Israel retaliates.

Netanyahu: We will do what is necessary to maintain security "We are in a battle, but it is a test of willpower, we are exhausting all the possibilities, but we are very, very determined to defend our borders."

Scoop: Israel turns down Putin's offer to host summit with Palestinians Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposal to organize a summit with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow because he didn't want to undercut President Trump's forthcoming Middle East peace plan, according to Israeli officials.

What is behind the Hamas-Iran rapprochement? On July 16, Qassem Sulaimani, the commander of the Quds Force within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, was scheduled to address a conference in Gaza via a satellite link from Tehran.

Hamas official urges killing of Zionist Jews, praises ‘peaceful’ Gaza protests Alluding to recent violence and fears of war, Fathi Hamad says armed factions in the enclave have their 'finger on the trigger'

Will Friday Night's Blood Moon Eclipse Determine How the Messiah Will Come? On the night of Friday, July 27th, the longest lunar eclipse of the century will appear in the heavens over Israel, with one rabbi labeling it "an omen for Israel."

Abbas's Fatah: Israel planning to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque The Palestinians have since used the incident to revive their long-standing charge that Israel was planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to rebuild the Third Temple.

Syrian flag raised in Quneitra, on Syrian side of Golan Heights Pro-Assad forces raised the Syrian flag in Quneitra on Thursday, as the government continued its push to regain full control of the Syrian Golan Heights, strategic territory that borders Israel and Jordan.

Exclusive: Polls point to anti-EU surge in European Parliament Eurosceptic parties could expand their strength in the European Parliament by over 60 percent at elections next May, adding pressure on EU leaders pressing for deeper integration after Brexit, a survey by Reuters of national opinion polls suggests.

Israel's two fronts explode: IDF officer hurt in Gaza. Russia praises IDF strike on ISIS letting Syria, Hizballah reach Kinneret The surreal effect of the latest happenings on Israel's Gaza and northern fronts is caused by at least six cooks stirring two volatile broths, of which the IDF is the least pro-active.