Tuesday, February 09, 2021


 Netanyahu after Blinken remark: Golan will remain Israeli Blinken: "As a practical matter, the control of the Golan in that situation I think remains of real importance to Israel’s security."

Blinken supports Israel holding Golan, but backs off recognizing sovereignty Top US diplomat questions legality of Trump’s deeming strategic plateau part of Israel, but says there’s nothing to talk about with Assad and Iran.

Iran may pursue nuclear weapon, intel minister warns West Iran’s intelligence minister has warned the West that his country could push for a nuclear weapon if international sanctions remain in place.

Iran Is Close To Getting An Atomic Bomb—But It Could Still Choose To Stop Iran is one technical step away from producing enriched uranium that could allow it to build its first nuclear warhead.

Is Israel’s Chief of Staff Calling for a Preventive War with Hezbollah? Kochavi conveyed that Israel now possesses new technologies that enable the IDF to hit Hezbollah across Lebanon effectively, rapidly, and in a widespread manner.

Jerusalem and the new US Administration Supporters of a united Jerusalem must adopt strategies to ensure that rusty, failed and dangerous narratives are not reintroduced. Opinion.

Is Palestine a State? The highly politicized International Criminal Court just declared statehood for Palestinians.

As Netanyahu waits for Biden to call, some fear four years of busy signals After nearly 3 weeks, the question is whether the US president’s decision to not call Israel’s leader is a petty snub or a sign of how the administration will approach the region.

Fear of the Covid Vaccine Could Keep Muslims Off Temple Mount Channel 11 Kahn News reported on Monday that Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion warned that he would order the Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount to be closed unless the Muslim residents of East Jerusalem agreed to be vaccinated in more significant numbers.

Russia, China, and Iran to hold joint naval drills in Indian Ocean soon The three countries held similar naval drills in the Indian Ocean in December 2019.