Monday, June 10, 2019


Next stop, annexation station: 7 things to know for June 10 Both the Trump administration and the Wall Street Journal are accused of trolling the Palestinians, as annexation and one-state become the talk of the town.

U.S. ambassador: Israel can annex part of West Bank U.S. Ambassador David Friedman told the New York Times on Saturday that Israel has the right to annex some, but "unlikely all" of the Palestinian West Bank.

Iran Warns U.S. Navy and 'Zionist' Military: Prepare to Be Crushed U.S. Navy forces now gathered in the Persian Gulf region will be hit with "unimaginable reciprocal blows" if any attack is made on Iran, a top military aide to the country's leadership said Sunday.

Iran's foreign minister: Netanyahu wants to destroy us, and we will respond Zarif hosts German counterpart Heiko Maas in Tehran, calls for end to US 'economic war' on his country; says Trump peace plan is 'crime against Middle East'.

Hamas-Gaza amasses 10,000 rockets, plans a new Iran-sponsored militia in Syria Israel's Chief of Staff Lt, Gen. Aviv Kochavi said on Friday, June 8: "The slowdown of Hamas-instigated violence on the Gaza border, including the incendiary balloons, is the outcome of an equation reached with Hamas on the operational level and we have decided to give it a chance."

Palestinians Announce 'Popular Uprising' Against Trump Peace Plan A "popular Palestinian uprising" against U.S. President Donald Trump's Mideast peace plan was announced Sunday following a meeting of PLO faction representatives, Palestinian civil society organizations and private individuals in the West Bank city of el-Bireh.

Syrian Opposition Documents Iranian Missile Caches in Country - Report Israel has warned Tehran against stockpiling weapons in Syria, says it's a redline.

Are the ultra-Orthodox Israel's new kingmakers? Battle between secular forces within Israel's right and the ultra-Orthodox likely to dominate Israel's snap elections.

Russia vs. Israel: The War That Could Become a Nuclear Disaster There are deconfliction mechanisms in place, including a hotline between the Israeli and Russian militaries.