Tuesday, May 18, 2010


* Israel's Deputy P.M. Ya'alon: 'We are already in a military confrontation with Iran' Despite declarations of peace, Israel is actively preparing for a regional war over the next few months.

* Israeli Shavuot: Praying at the Wall, Learning, Dairy Food Jewish men and women in Israel will join their brethren around the world to learn all night Tuesday.

* Gov't rejects Iran deal as a ruse The Israeli government described the latest Iranian nuclear deal as a trick designed to prevent the imposition of UN Security Council sanctions.

* EU skeptical about Iran nuclear deal The EU on Monday (17 May) expressed reservations over a surprise deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil under which Iran would ship enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for nuclear fuel.

* Greece receives first tranche of EU bail-out loan Greece has received the first tranche of a 110bn-euro ($136bn; £94bn) loan to help it overcome its debt crisis, the European Union has said.

* Iraq Arrests Al-Qaeda Terrorist in Plot to Blow Up World Cup Iraqi security forces have arrested a former Saudi colonel who plotted with Al-Qaeda’s number two terrorist to blow up the World Cup in South Africa next month.

* New Desalination Plants Water the Desert A huge new desalination plant dedicated this week is planned to help end Israel’s constant worry for enough water for farms, factories and homes.

* 20,000 Expected at NYC Israel Day Event The 17th annual Israel Day Concert in New York City is quickly approaching, and organizer, Dr. Joseph Frager, whose indefatigable efforts for the Jewish people include helping found Arutz Sheva, expects a record 20,000 people to attend.

* Clinton: Major world powers agree to impose sanctions on Iran Major world powers have agreed on a draft sanctions resolution against Iran and will circulate it to the full UN Security Council on Tuesday.

* Senior MEP quits Israel trip in 'propaganda' row The EU parliament's most senior foreign relations personality has opted to quit an official trip to Israel next week.