Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Netanyahu hints Israel won't shy away from military action against Iran "Our policy is clear and consistent: whoever tries to harm us will suffer a crushing blow."

Israel hopes for rapprochement with fifth Muslim country before Trump exit - minister Israel is working towards formalising relations with a fifth Muslim country, possibly in Asia, during U.S. President Donald Trump’s term, an Israeli cabinet minister said on Wednesday.

Joe Biden's Approach to the Middle East Could be a 180 from Trump Top of the list of items for review will be a leaden-footed China policy. Chinese trade reprisals for perceived Australian slights are doing real harm to Australia’s economic interests.

Israel to hold snap election, with Netanyahu facing new challenges Israel will hold a snap election in March after parliament failed on Tuesday to meet a deadline to pass a budget, triggering a ballot presenting new challenges for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hamas laments Israel-Morocco normalization as 'great disappointment' Gaza factions announce joint drills in bid to put pressure on Israel over coronavirus crisis.

Leaked Hamas Christmas memo causes Christian dismay in Gaza A leaked Hamas memo showing Gaza’s ruling Islamist group wanted to curb Christmas celebrations among Gaza’s Muslim majority has upset the enclave’s tiny Christian community in the run-up to the holiday.

UN: Mladenov turns down offer to lead UN mission in Libya The U.N. special envoy for the Middle East Peace Process has turned down an offer to lead the U.N. mission in conflict-stricken Libya.

Is 'Strategic Autonomy' the Future of Europe? When it comes to our European allies, Donald Trump's policy the last four years was drastic, if somewhat peripheral to other goals: ending Europe's freeloading off U.S. defense.

Review of the Year: Turkey takes the path of assertive independence Recep Tayyip Erdogan received applause from supporters when the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul was turned back into a mosque.

Israel's Peace Deals Show How Abnormal Israel's Treatment Has Been Israel now has a peace plane. The plane is an El Al Boeing 737 and is named for the Israeli city of Kiryat Gat. It has become renowned for being the first Israeli plane to fly to Morocco on December 22, as Israel normalized relations with Rabat, and also the first to go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late August.