Monday, February 07, 2011


* Concerns grow over Egypt's WMD research US has been quiet about Cairo's weapons programs, but revolt changes the calculus

* After First Talks, Egypt Opposition Vows New Protest Leaders of the Egyptian democracy movement vowed to escalate their pressure for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

* Al-Qaeda: Still on Schedule for World Domination? Al-Qaeda watchers have been keeping their eye on its “master plan for world domination,” first revealed in 2005.

* Dangerously underestimating the Muslim Brotherhood Analysis: The Islamists’ tactical absence from the protests has been widely misread as proof of their lack of ambition and marginality.

* Turkey and Iran to triple bilateral trade despite nuclear sanctions Iranian FM says two countries determined to raise trade relations to $30 billion in five years, in areas such as transport, industry and customs.

* Iran proclaims complete domination over entrance to Persian Gulf As part of Iran's annual revolution celebrations, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled locally-made satellites while a senior commander showed off mass produced missiles.

* Obama Advisor Doesn't Fear Muslim Takeover - of US The latest Latma satirical video gets serious as it attacks the Obama Administration for its "clueless" abandonment of allies.

* Column One: Israel and Arab democracy Whether they are democrats or autocrats, we fully expect they will continue to hate us.

* NASA Releases First 360-Degree View of Entire Sun NASA has released the first 360-degree view of the entire sun today, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

* Iran TV says no to pasta, pizza Cooking shows ordered to shun Italian, French dishes, highlight Iran's achievements instead