Saturday, April 09, 2011


* Hamas has requested a cease fire, Israel officials say A security source says Israel is ready to escalate air strikes on Gaza. Prophetic Prospective

* Two die after Egypt military disperses protesters, medics say Two men died from bullet wounds in central Cairo after the army tried to disperse protesters overnight. Prophetic Prospective

* Peres to Ban: UN can't remain neutral on Gaza situation President Shimon Peres held a meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Friday. Prophetic Prospective

* Gates: U.S. troops could stay in Iraq for years Defense Secretary Robert Gates said U.S. troops could remain in Iraq for years to come. Prophetic Prospective

* Iraqi cleric threatens action if US forces remain A powerful anti-American Shiite cleric threatened Saturday to reactivate his feared militia.

* Shelling in East Libya Forces Rebel Retreat Pro-government forces in Libya have shelled rebel fighters near Ajdabiya, challenging the rebels' hold on the city. Prophetic Prospective

* Syrian Protests Are Said to Be Largest and Bloodiest to Date Dozens of communities across Syria erupted in protest on Friday in what activists said were by far the largest and bloodiest demonstrations against the iron rule of President Bashar al-Assad. Prophetic Prospective

* Iron Dome does it again; Gaza rocket intercepted The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted yet another incoming missile Saturday.

* EU border agency keen to send back more Tunisians EU border agency Frontex is trying to put in place "as soon as possible". Prophetic Prospective

* In Israel, the Shadow of a New Gaza War Israeli officials say it so often they've taken to apologizing for using the example, acknowledging it's become a clichÉ.