Friday, August 24, 2007


* IDF modifying Arrow deployment in the North Predicting that Israel's future wars will be characterized by unprecedented missile barrages, the IDF has decided to modify its missile defense doctrine.

* Infectious diseases spreading faster than ever: U.N. Infectious diseases are emerging more quickly and spreading faster around the globe than ever and becoming increasingly difficult to treat.

* Turkey votes again on president Turkish MPs have begun a second round of voting to elect a president, with a two-thirds majority needed to win.

* Intelligence briefers call Iraq 'grave' Intelligence officials today released a meticulously worded report concluding that the U.S.-backed government in Iraq looks precarious and security conditions are shaky.

* Khartoum 'defying Darfur embargo' Amnesty International (AI) has accused the Sudanese government of deploying weapons to Darfur in "breathtaking defiance" of a UN arms embargo.

* Russia confirms Soviet sorties over Dimona in '67 The chief spokesman of the Russian Air Force, Col. Aleksandr V. Drobyshevsky, has confirmed in writing for the first time that it was Soviet pilots, in the USSR's most-advanced MiG-25 "Foxbat" aircraft, who flew highly-provocative sorties over Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona in May 1967.

* Turkey angered by new ADL stance on Armenian 'genocide' The Turkish government is pressuring Israel in an effort to reverse an American Jewish organization's decision to recognize Turkey's massacre of Armenians during World War I as genocide.

* 'Abbas definitely won't seek reelection' Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has recently made it clear that he does not intend to run for another term.

* "Fossil find pushes human-ape split back millions of years" Ten million-year-old fossils discovered in Ethiopia show that "humans and apes probably split six or seven million years earlier than widely thought", according to landmark study. (See my Prophetic Prospective on the Theory of Evolution)

* White House pleads for patience with Iraqi leaders The White House Thursday pleaded for patience with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki's battered government.