Thursday, May 27, 2021


 Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself—Despite What Democrats Say This month, we witnessed war in the Middle East. Hamas, a designated terrorist organization funded by Iran, launched more than 4,000 rockets at Israel in 11 days. Israel, on the defensive, fired back.

Gantz warns 'Lebanon will tremble' if an attack comes from the north Israel assesses that Hezbollah leader may have contracted COVID after cough-laden warning address.

How long will the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas last? Hamas has now once again been given time to recover and rearm to be ready for another round of attacks at their chosen time, putting Israel on the back foot having to respond to their dictate.

Jordanian MPs: Annul agreements with Israel, target ‘Zionists’ worldwide At a special parliament session on the Israel-Hamas war, Jordanian lawmakers praise Hamas, call Jews “the slayers of prophets,” “cowards” and “the sons of apes and pigs.”

Figuring Out Hamas’s Strategy Israel largely achieved its military objectives in its recent war with Hamas, but the terror organization managed to achieve its political objectives despite its massive losses.

Ireland becomes first EU state to accuse Israel of 'de-facto annexation' Ireland’s parliament unanimously approved a resolution condemning “de facto annexation” in the West Bank with government support on Wednesday night, while voting down a motion to expel Israel’s ambassador.

U.N. Challenges Israel: Alleges Defensive Strikes in Gaza Possible ‘War Crimes’ Israeli forces may have committed war crimes in its defense against attacks by Gaza Strip-based terrorist group Hamas, the U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet declared Thursday.

Tiktok jihad: Videos of violent Muslim mobs attacking Jews sweep the Internet This is the world that the political elites and the establishment media have made by retailing “Palestinian” jihad propaganda as if it were fact.

Blinken to King Abdullah: US respects Jordan's Temple Mount stewardship The secretary of state and the monarch expressed support for the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and other groups in the Gaza Strip.

China Claims Partnership with Russia Will Fix ‘Global Disorder’ Left by Trump China’s state-run Global Times on Wednesday touted the growing alliance between China and Russia as an opportunity to correct the “dangerous trend of disorder” spread around the world by U.S. policy under the Trump administration.