Monday, December 03, 2012


Abbas 'Victory Speech': Jerusalem 'Eternal Capital of Palestine' PA Chairman promises that someday the PA flag will fly over 'Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.'
Syria denies plans to use chemical weapons Clinton warns Assad regime of using chemical weapons against its people, saying US would take action against such escalation.

Hamas: State needs armed struggle with Israel Osama Hamdan says Palestinian state without an armed struggle against Israel is an illusion, won't add anything for Palestinians.

Top guns, top geeks Israel's air force, which spearheaded last month's operation against terror groups in Gaza, relies on deep cooperation between its tech whiz kids and its drone operators and fighter pilots.

Iran establishes cyber HQ as shadow war continues Ongoing concerns over digital threats from Israel, US prompt Revolutionary Guard to strengthen front in "soft war."

'Israel sought Jordan's permission to bomb Syria' 'The Atlantic' reports Jordan has rebuffed a number of Israeli requests to hit Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles.

Washington calls on Israel to pull back from settlement plan after PM's office says move won't be reversed Spain and Denmark join UK, France and Sweden in calling in ambassadors for 'harsh' rebuke; PA official praises Europe.

Vatican unveils Pope's Twitter account @pontifex The Pope is to begin sending Twitter messages using the handle @pontifex as his personal account, the Vatican said.

Egypt judges 'to oversee referendum' despite boycott Egypt's top judicial body has said it will oversee a referendum on a new constitution, state media reports.

McCain: Israel Must Respond to PA's Unilateral Move Senator John McCain on Israeli television: We cannot have actions such as the PA's move in the UN go unresponded to.