Friday, October 08, 2010


* Abbas to Mitchell: I will resign if settlement construction continues Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas informed U.S. envoy George Mitchell last week that the renewal of settlement construction will not only bring about the collapse of peace talks but it will also induce his resignation.

* Hezbollah militants training in Syria missile base, satellite images show The Syrian army has a Scud missile base near Damascus, according to recent satellite photos.

* North Korea talks up Kim Jong-un as likely successor A top North Korean official has made the first public comments that leader Kim Jong-il is likely to be succeeded by his youngest son, Kim Jong-un.

* Abbas to consult Arab League on quitting Mid-East talks Mr Abbas has arrived in the Libyan city of Sirte, where the Arab League will hold two days of meetings.

* Israeli military 'stronger than ever' despite threat of 5-front missile war Israel's intelligence community has assessed that the Jewish state was equal to the task of confronting a five-front missile war.

* US cautions Egypt against doing business with Iran Washington has expressed its regret over Egypt's recent decision to renew direct flights between Cairo and Tehran, after more than 30 years.

* Netanyahu: Israel protects the rights of all citizens, Jews and non-Jews Israel is a Jewish and democratic state that protects the rights of all its citizens.

* A View From Israel: Madman or prophet? While many regard controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders as alarmist, others say he has deep perception of perils of radical Islam.

* Nobel Peace Prize awarded to China dissident Liu Xiaobo Making the announcement in Oslo, the head of the Norwegian Nobel committee said Mr Liu was "the foremost symbol" of the human rights struggle in China.

* Security and Defense: Nuclear worming In April 2007, Estonia came under attack. Not by terrorists, fighter planes or tanks, but by computers.