Tuesday, November 03, 2020


 Netanyahu scolds EU, says bloc doesn’t understand changing nature of Middle East UAE, Bahrain, Sudan made peace with Israel and ‘obviously’ view regional situation differently from ‘traditional bureaucracies’ in Brussels, PM says at meeting with Romanian PM.

Iran’s leader blames Israel for attacks in Europe This appeared to be a way to blame Israel for recent terror attacks in Europe. “The last manifestation of their enmity was the Paris incident.

Islamic scholar: ‘The Muslim caliph will lead the Muslim armies and they will crush Paris completely’ Could Ali Abu Ahmed be clearer about his adherence to the Islamic idea that violent jihad must be waged in order to force Infidels to submit to Sharia? Will Western analysts heed his words and ponder their implications? Of course not.

The Real Enemy of Islam "The beheading of the French history teacher proves that political Islam has become a real threat to world peace in light of its expansionist tendency, which is currently embodied by Erdogan's project, which not only targets the societies of Muslim countries, but also other societies that incubate important Islamic communities." — Al-Habib Al-Aswad, Tunisian journalist, Al-Arab, October 28, 2020.

EU an anxious spectator as Americans head to the polls in unprecedented election Tuesday’s “pandemic election” is shaping up to be a historic battle. But the question on many Europeans’ minds is whether the poll will usher in a new era for EU-US relations.

A New World Monetary Order Is Coming The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated several troubling trends already in force.

Proxy Wars: How Turkey and Iran Employ Militias Abroad Iran and Turkey are using proxy militias to insert themselves in conflicts across the Middle East.

Russia says it will consider Iranian proposal to end Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Russia is considering an Iranian proposal for ending the conflict in the mountain enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh after three ceasefires failed to halt fighting that is now in its sixth week.

All of Israel is “Palestine” in Fatah message In a recent Facebook post, Abbas’ Fatah Movement made it clear what it means when it refers to ”Palestine” – it includes the entire State of Israel.

Defying Police Orders, Jews Pray for Trump Victory on Temple Mount [WATCH] On Tuesday, right before US elections, an unidentified Israeli man entered the Temple Mount to pray for President Trump’s re-election.