Monday, November 11, 2019


Hangars go up in Israel for hundreds of US F-35s, says another unfriendly Russian Defense Dept "leak" Unfriendly leaks relating to Israel, the IDF, its weapons and interaction with the US come from Russian defense department "sources" every few days, causing unease in Jerusalem and the IDF high command.

Third Israeli elections growing more likely as time running out Gantz has only nine days to put together a coalition before he must return the mandate.

Poll: Netanyahu Would Beat Gantz in Direct PM Election Latest poll indicates little change in Israeli voting preferences

15 settlers, 3 officers injured in West Bank clashes during police raid Israeli security personnel apprehend settler, 21, who defied bar order issued by the IDF.

New Campaign Demands: Jordan Disconnect from Temple Mount in Exchange for River Island An Israeli student organization called "Students for the Mount" wrote an appeal in Arabic to the Chairman of the Jordanian Parliament, Atef al-Tarawa, demanding that Amman adhere to the peace agreements with Israel signed in 1994, and abandon all of their demands relating to the Temple Mount.

China in the Middle East: From Observer to Security Player There is much debate both within and without China over whether or not its economic interests in the region will force it to play a more active security/military role in the Middle East.

Is a Zionist biological bomb poisoning the Middle East? Referring to Israel as "the Zionist enemy," a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council has claimed that Israel seeks to "incite the world against the Muslims" in order to trigger a war between Jews and Arabs.

Talks underway on prospective Palestinian Authority elections Talks between the PA leadership and Hamas on the subject of elections have not been held since 2005.

Assad: 'Israel has conquered our land' Bashar al-Assad says more than 100,000 Syrian troops killed in civil war, blasts Israel for 'conquering' Syrian land.

Turkey: Hate Speech against Christians and Jews Member of Parliament Garo Paylan hinted that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not only failed to do enough to prevent hate speech, but actually has been instrumental in spreading it.