Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Mr. President, Don't Put America at Risk with Flawed Iran Deal President Trump will address U.S. policy toward Iran on Thursday, doubtless focusing on his decision regarding Barack Obama's badly flawed nuclear deal.

Fatah, Hamas Hold Reconciliation Talks in Cairo While Hamas and Fatah have said they want to reunite the Palestinian territories, they have to overcome a number of obstacles to do that.

North Korea hacks key war plans from South Korea - report Data stolen about 'decapitation' plot for North's leader Kim Jong Un, joint drills with US.

Defense minister: In next war, Israel will face fighting in north and south Avigdor Liberman says Syria and Lebanon now one unified front, and Lebanese army controlled by Hezbollah terror group.

Thousands of Israel supporters throng Jerusalem for Sukkot march Participants from Israel and over 80 countries march through heart of capital, leading to road closures and traffic jams.

Graffiti Artist Paints Memes on West Bank Wall Australian "Lushsux" has brought "Rick and Morty" characters to his latest work.

Iran: 'All Options on Table' If US Blacklists Revolutionary Guards US President Donald Trump is expected to announce this week his final decision on how he wants to contain Iran's regional influence.

Putin: Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks, including financing of terrorism Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against the rise of cryptocurrencies, saying they are often issued by anonymous sources and could be used for money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Independence for Kurdistan Iraqi Kurdistan's recent referendum on whether to declare independence from Baghdad garnered only slight attention in the U.S. Even the overwhelming vote (93 percent favored independence) and America's long involvement in the region did not make the story more prominent.

France's Islamic WWIII Afghanistan is safer than Paris.