Monday, March 09, 2015


PA Security Forces Arrest More Than 100 Hamas Members Hamas says PA security services have launched another crackdown on its members in Judea and Samaria, arresting 100.

Netanyahu said to call creation of Palestinian state "irrelevant" PMO later denies quote from his own Likud party, but warns against relinquishing territrory amid current regional dangers.

WATCH: Iran unveils new long-range cruise missile in Tehran Soumar, as the program is called, was manufactured domestically.

Nigeria: Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance to ISIS Leader of Nigerian terrorist group, Abubakak Shekau, pledges allegiance to 'Islamic State' in new recording.

Are booming German-Iran business relations hurting Israel? The boost in German-Iran trade comes as Israel and Germany prepare to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations.

IDF says 75% of recruits requesting to serve in combat units The month of March typically sees large drafts to combat units; data shows increase in females volunteering for combat units.

Iran rebukes 'Israeli driven rumors' that Khamenei hospitalized in critical condition "He carries about his work very normally. His business is as usual, work as usual."

Saudi Arabia becomes world's biggest defense importer Iran's nuclear drive seen to propel arms race; Israel drops from sixth- to seventh-largest weapons exporter.

UN seeks action to protect antiquities from jihadi "war criminals" Secretary general, Iraqi minister call for international effort to safeguard ancient sites as Islamic State group wreaks destruction.

Iran brings Europe within range with new cruise missile Move comes at pivotal time in nuclear talks; Israel has urged world powers to include missile program in negotiations.