Saturday, January 05, 2019


5 Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled in 2018 and 5 Expected in 2019 The signs clearly say, as so many rabbis and experts have confirmed, that we are living in prophetic times preceding the messiah.

Netanyahu Tells Putin He's Determined To Oust Iran From Syria The two men spoke in advance of a visit to Israel and Turkey this weekend by National Security Advisor John Bolton to discuss the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Egypt’s Sisi Confirms Israel Helping in Fight Against Sinai Jihadists The Times of Israel reports: Egypt’s president has confirmed that Israel is helping Egyptian troops battle jihadists in the restive Sinai Peninsula.

Palestinians' New Year's Resolutions The Palestinians are celebrating the beginning of 2019 by promising Israel more violence, a "revolution until victory," and another year of conflict and suffering. 

What Are The Chances Of Trump’s Peace Plan Ever Getting Off The Ground? Even if the administration does release the plan, it is certain to wait until after Israel’s elections in April.

At the peak of the Holocaust, Nazis murdered more than 14,000 Jews a day, scholar says In the ledger of evils perpetrated by humans, Operation Reinhard holds a special place.

European Court of Human Rights Promotes Human Wrongs October 26 marked a historic day for Ireland, where citizens, in a national referendum, overwhelmingly voted to repeal the country's blasphemy law.

Israel ready to build billion-dollar project with Jordan to pump water from Red Sea to Dead Sea 'Peace has a price': The joint project is the largest one in the Middle East between Israel and an Arab state.

Moscow's Little-Noticed Islamic Outreach Effort Russia is promoting Islamic moderation in unison with Arab powers—and further cementing its position in the Middle East.

Netanyahu: US will run economic war against Iran, leaving military drive to Israel That the US retains the economic side of the war on Iran leaving the military campaign for Israel to manage – in the words of Prime Minister/Defense Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – defines the new reality set out by the Trump administration.