Monday, April 08, 2019


As Israel Goes to the Polls Tomorrow Israelis go to the polls this Tuesday, April 9, electing a new national government.

PA Warns of 'Chaos' and 'Violence' if Netanyahu Annexes West Bank "If Netanyahu wants to declare Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, then you know [that] he will face a real problem," said PA Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki.

Brexit: EU weighs risks of going into extra time The UK impasse over Brexit casts a cloud of uncertainty over EU leaders meeting for emergency talks in Brussels on Wednesday.

Turkey's Erdogan to Discuss Possible Operation in Syria With Putin - RIA Erdogan has vowed to crush US-backed Kurdish fighters east of the Euphrates in Syria and said last year that preparations were complete for an operation.

Did The Pope Just Evoke the Prophetic Alliance Between Esau and Ishmael Against Jerusalem? It is a well-known Jewish idea that the clashes among Jacob, Esau and Ishmael that began in the book of Genesis continue throughout history.

Why Israel's Military Could Crush Anyone: Think Nuclear Weapons It is unlikely, but hardly impossible, that Israel could decide to use nuclear weapons first in a future conflict.

Israel PM vows to annex West Bank settlements if re-elected Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will annex Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank if he is re-elected.

Temple Mount Sifting Project to Relaunch for Jerusalem Day A third of the removed Temple Mount soil remained unsifted and is in danger of being lost by erosion.

COMMENTARY: Israel Sacrificed for Oil The secret is out. Britain has been locked into an anti-Israel agreement ever since we first entered Europe in the early 1970s - a policy likely to consign us to the dust of history.

Netanyahu: Trump Peace Plan 'Coming from a Friend' Benjamin Netanyahu says 'coming from a friend' he expects Trump's plan will take Israel's interests into consideration.