Friday, February 01, 2019


Crowds chant 'death to Israel' as Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution Thousands gather at tomb of Islamic Republic's founder Khomeini on the anniversary of his return from exile; senior cleric rails against US.

Watch: Leviathan Platform Foundations Lowered Into Mediterranean Sea The large metal structure will be fixed to the sea bed by a crane vessel in the coming weeks, approximately 10 kilometers from Israel's coast.

Army simulates attack on gas rigs in most complex naval drill in decades Gunships fire missiles at cargo freighter acting as enemy vessel in massive exercise meant to prepare for attacks by Hamas, Hezbollah.

ISIS Could Regain Control of Syria Within a Year, Pentagon Reports A US troop withdrawal could allow a nearly defeated ISIS to regain control of their lost territory in Syria, a draft report claims.

Iran says Israel 'Will be Destroyed' in Response to Even a 'Limited' Attack A senior Iranian military leader has warned Israel against future attacks in Syria, threatening a much more powerful counterattack as tensions between the Middle Eastern archfoes escalate.

Iran's war against Israel- ANALYSIS: Iran's multi-front approach in the war against Israel Iran plans to pose a nuclear threat, is improving its missiles' operations and is also testing cyber warfare aimed at aircraft systems.

The False Promise of Iraqi-Israeli Peace No one should be misled by the revelation that several Iraqi delegations visited Israel in 2018 into optimism about Iraqi-Israeli relations.

Brexit: Will EU blink first in standoff? After a public shout-out of "no way!" to renegotiating the Brexit backstop plan or draft withdrawal agreement, the EU now waits for the British prime minister to come to Brussels.

Belgium Welcomes Multiculturalism The report notes that the texts used call for gays to be stoned to death or thrown off buildings, and described Jews as "corrupt, evil and treacherous people".... The writings, the report continued...called for "war" on all people who do not follow Sunni Islam - From a recent report by the Belgian State Security Service.

Pope Will Preside Over Biggest Act of Christian Worship in Arab World Pope Francis is set to preside over the largest act of Christian worship in the Arab world next week when he celebrates an open-air Mass at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).