Friday, June 04, 2021


 Hamas calls for Day of Rage in West Bank amid continued tensions A passing vehicle fired at a bus stop near Kiryat Arba on Friday morning with no injuries reported in the incident.

How did Bennett win Israel's prime minister race after the election? POLITICAL AFFAIRS: The Yamina leader got only seven seats when Israelis voted, but he turned that into victory in the contest that really counted.

Lapid and Bennett grapple to hold their coalition majority together from slipping After presenting his “government for change” to the president on Wednesday night, based on eight parties with a majority total of 61 lawmakers, Yair Lapid discovered early Thursday, June 2, that his majority had not survived the night.

Honduras to open embassy in Jerusalem this month, president to travel to Israel Move comes after Central American nation followed Trump in recognizing city as capital; inauguration was apparently delayed by pandemic.

We can't ignore Iranian influence on Hamas - opinion Sneh is a person with a wealth of knowledge and experience, but in his article, he seems to have neglected both.

Egypt sends building equipment to begin Gaza reconstruction Egypt has sent a convoy of engineers and building equipment to Gaza to begin reconstruction in the Palestinian enclave after the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Egyptian state television reported on Friday.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Tells ‘Zionists’ to ‘Return’ to Europe and US The Quds Force commander, Brigadier General Esmail Qaani, like the rest of the Iranian leadership, continues to insist that a great victory was won by Hamas in its latest conflict with Israel.

Islamic scholar: ‘The time has arrived for annihilation of the Jews and purification of the land from their filth’ After making his genocidal call, Zaghloul Al-Naggar says: “It should be noted that we believe in freedom of religion, and that any person can believe in whatever he wants, as long as he does not force his presence upon other nations.”

WATCH: Canadian Imam Calls Muslim Jew-Hatred ‘Just, Logical,’ Prays for Jihadi Victory ‘Everywhere’ Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada justified hatred toward Jews in a shocking recent sermon that claimed their “injustice” toward others and rejection of Islam and its prophets, while warning a mosque is no place for those unable or unwilling to hate.

'New world order' being formed before our eyes, Russia’s deputy defense minister tells RT ahead of key Moscow security conference We are currently witnessing the formation of nothing less than a “new world order,” with the existing international legal system fracturing and states taking sides in a fresh Cold War, Russia’s deputy defense minister has told RT.