Thursday, March 03, 2016


Iran: Hezbollah is the vanguard of resistance against the Zionist regime  The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) branded Hezbollah a terrorist organization on Wednesday, opening up the possibility of further sanctions against the group. 

EU asking Turkey to take back migrants  In its effort to reduce the flow of migrants coming to Europe, the EU is now focusing on sending back economic migrants to Turkey. 

Mitt Romney says 'phony' Trump unfit for presidency  Former republican nominee lambasts billionaire businessman as party leaders scramble to put an end to his winning streak. 

Iran rages at Gulf states for outlawing terrorist Hezbollah  Iranian Deputy FM claims Gulf states 'harmed Lebanese security' by banning Iran-proxy terrorists, lauds group's attacks on Israel. 

Surprise? Global war deaths doubled in Obama era  Was Obama's Nobel peace prize justified? Data indicates his hands-off approach did not bring less war but rather much more. 

Report: Russia's military intelligence chief killed in secret operation in Lebanon  The Kremlin announced the death of Sergun on January 4, saying that he died in Moscow after a heart attack. 

Lights out for Syria as electricity mysteriously cut nationwide  In the midst of a partial ceasefire, Syria's electric grid suddenly shut down, cutting off power nationwide. Internet services also cut. 

ISIS making ground - in the Philippines  Jihadist groups fighting in the name of 'Islamic State' launch series of attacks, threatening to destabilize southern Philippines. 

As Saudi-Iran tensions grow, Lebanon pays the price  Both powers are important players in small country, where foreigners have long backed a range of Sunni, Shiite and Christian groups. 

US, Israeli military chiefs stress cooperation to tackle challenges  Dunford's second visit to the Jewish state in six months demonstrates the importance the relationship, he says.