Monday, September 23, 2019


Iran Threatens to Turn Israel into 'dust in half a day' Iran is no longer limited by its geographic borders, and has the ability to destroy Israel in "half a day," said Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda on Friday.

Evidence that Iran Violated the Nuclear Deal Since Day One? The IAEA first ignored the reports about Iran's undeclared clandestine nuclear facilities.

No Love Lost Among Jihadists Islamic State video calls for attacks on Hamas members and institutions.

Netanyahu edges out Gantz in nominations for PM Pres. Rivlin accepts Balad faction's request not to recommend anyone, giving PM Netanyahu the larger bloc of recommendations.

Report: Israel conducted nuclear experiment in 1979 Experts believe a double flash over the South Atlantic 40 years ago was an Israeli nuclear test.

Israeli elections: Arab parties back Gantz to oust Netanyahu Israeli-Arab lawmakers have recommended that the former army chief Benny Gantz should become prime minister.

Tibi to Rivlin: We own this land "We did not immigrate here, we were born here, we are a native population," says Joint List MK.

Israel congratulates Saudi Arabia on its 89th national day 'We ask God, the exalted, that your efforts to develop, prosper and advance will be successful,' Foreign Ministry tweets in Arabic.

Pro-Iran PMU forces take over Iraq's Saudi, Jordanian borders, threaten Israel from the east Iran was on its next move by the time the US announced on Sept. 21 the deployment of more troops and enhanced air and missile defense systems for Saudi Arabia and the UAE in response to the attack on Saudi oil facilities.