Friday, March 03, 2017


Hizballah lists targeted Israeli "nuclear sites" Hizballah's latest round of threats against Israel reached a new peak Thursday, March 2, with the release of a videotape claiming to expose nine locations allegedly tied to the production and assembly of Israel's nuclear weapons, DEBKAfile reports.

ISIS warns Europe: We're still here Video of ISIS terrorist on the loose in Belgium mirrors pre-attack video warning Turkey before nightclub shooting.

Rivals in Syria Race to Assault Militants' 'capital' Raqqa BEIRUT - After the battlefield of Iraq's Mosul, the next major campaign against the Islamic State group will be to take its de facto capital, the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Defending Jeff Sessions: Democrats need to stop the overreach My advice to Democrats, regarding their demand for the head of Attorney General Jeff Sessions: turn off MSNBC and CNN, and calmly read the transcripts of the remarks that have been made.

Israel becomes a gas exporter with first delivery to Jordan An Israeli company said Thursday it has started exporting gas from an offshore field to Jordan, marking the country's first ever exports of natural gas.

Iran claims terror sleeper cells ready to strike inside US (VERO BEACH, FLA) Translated footage of an interview Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Hasan Abbasi recorded with South Africa TV has been released on YouTube.

Is this the Beginning of a New Era for Israel at the UN? New York - With the new administration in the White House and Ambassador Nikki Haley representing the United States at the UN, Israel now has "an opening" for change at the international body.

In Final Ruling, Egyptian Court Acquits Mubarak Over Killing of Protesters Egypt's former president found innocent of involvement in the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his 30-year rule.

Chief Rabbi Sets Value for Biblical Half-Shekel, Paving the Way for the Temple's Comeback In another essential step forward towards practically bringing the Third Temple, the Chief Sephardi Rabbi of Israel has set the current value of the Biblical half shekel every Jewish male was required to give to the Temple.

EU-Israel high-level talks in doubt over settlements Senior European Union officials seek unified and clear positions on two-state solution ahead of future meetings with Jerusalem.