Friday, March 16, 2012


* Panel: J'lem of incidental importance in Islam Jerusalem is of incidental significance to Islam, its importance varying through history according to political circumstances.

* Netanyahu says Israel won't need U.S. OK to hit Iran Israeli aircraft and Gaza rocket squads traded strikes across the border on Thursday.

* Iran Behind 'Global March to Jerusalem', Say Experts Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center presents proof that Iran is behind the Global March to Jerusalem on March 30.

* Syria activists urge intervention as Annan briefs powers Activists called for rallies across Syria on Friday to demand "immediate military intervention".

* Iraq lets Iran fly arms to Syria despite U.S. protests The Iraqi government has refused U.S. requests to stop Iranian cargo flights to Syria.

* China, Russia still arming Sudan for attacks on Darfour China and Russia remain the largest military suppliers to Sudan and have been fueling the war with the newly-established South Sudan.

* Baghdad marketplace oasis holds 'Iraq of dreams' After a recent wave of attacks in Baghdad, urbane intellectuals sought refuge.

* Gulf Arab states close embassies in Syria Four members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)- the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait- closed their embassies in Syria.

* Dutch public TV pulls 'anti-Semitic' game from site Dutch public broadcasting network VPRO removed a game decried by human rights groups as anti-Semitic from its website on Wednesday.

* U.K's Cameron: No justification for Israeli attack on Iran There is no current justification for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said.