Thursday, April 01, 2021


 Breaking week-long silence, Netanyahu calls on right-wing rivals to form next government Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on his right-wing political rivals on Wednesday evening to put aside their past conflicts and form a new government following the March 23 election.

Hectic scramble for presidential mandate to form next government President Reuven Rivlin must next Wednesday, April 7, break Israel’s election deadlock and choose the party leader best able to form a new government after two days of consultations.

Israel Elections: Bennett to hold fateful meetings with Netanyahu, Lapid Lapid is said to be willing to offer Bennett to go first in a rotation in the Prime Minister's Office.

Biden administration quietly ramping up aid to Palestinians The Biden administration is quietly ramping up assistance to the Palestinians after former President Donald Trump cut off nearly all such aid.

A Daring Mission to Reclaim This Biblical 'City of Priests' For Passover Kohanic Blessing Just Happened On the holiday of Passover, the blessing of the priests (Kohanim) took place Wednesday morning in the ancient city of the priests – Eshtemoa reports Channel 20.

Report: Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Exile the Last Three Jewish Families in Yemen Asharq al-Awsat, a Saudi newspaper based in London, reported Sunday that Houthi terrorists had “deported” the last three Jewish families living in Yemen.

Iraqi PM seeks to boost ties on his first visit to Saudi Arabia Mustafa al-Kadhimi meets top Saudi leadership as he aims to forge a closer economic and security ties with the kingdom.

China Challenges the US on Iran According to a leaked draft of the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement, circulated last year, Iran will receive $400 billion dollars in Chinese investments over the next 25 years in key Iranian economic sectors, including energy, telecommunications, defense, infrastructure, banking, petrochemicals, railways and ports.

CNN News Writer Denies the Biological Reality of Sex at Birth On the menu today: A CNN news writer asserts that we can’t know a child’s “gender identity” at birth, San Diego teachers will instruct migrant children in person while kids in local school districts remain at home, and some good news in a new trial of Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Opinion: Support for Israel is still strong, even as Democrats defect Sympathy for Israel has averaged 62 percent in the last decade compared to 19 percent for the Palestinians.