Thursday, July 14, 2011


* Arab League to seek full UN membership for Palestinians The Arab League will ask the United Nations to upgrade the Palestinians to full member status.

* In Shadow of Death, Iraq and U.S. Tiptoe Around a Deadline The government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is privately telling American officials that it wants their army to stay here after this year.

* South Sudan becomes the 193rd UN member state The General Assembly admitted South Sudan on Thursday as the 193rd member of the United Nations.

* Libya: Col Gaddafi has 'suicide plan' to blow up Tripoli Col Muammar Gaddafi has a "suicidal plan" to blow up the capital Tripoli if it is taken by rebels.

* 52% think Intifada will follow statehood declaration More than half of the Israeli public believes a third Intifada will break out if the Palestinians follow through with plans to make a unilateral declaration of statehood in September.

* Hezbollah warns Israel against maritime border 'threats' Hezbollah on Wednesday issued a stark warning to Jerusalem, vowing to protect its maritime rights against "Israeli threats."

* Sudan's South Kordofan fighting: 'Mass graves found' Eyewitnesses who spoke to the group said soldiers had systematically massacred civilians in South Kordofan.

* Iran moves nuclear enrichment programme to underground bunker Iran has begun efforts to shift its nuclear enrichment program to an underground bunker where experts warn it could stage a last dash for a nuclear weapon.

* Israel Air Force pilots head to U.S. to test-fly new military aircraft An Israel Air Force delegation recently visited a United States Marine Corps base in North Carolina in order to test out the new V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.

* Palestinian Reconciliation? Don't Hold Your Breath The PA and Hamas leadership are as far from unity as they were before the much touted unity agreement they signed.