Friday, April 09, 2021


 Iran is testing nuclear-capable missiles, Israeli ambassador reveals Iran has been testing nuclear ballistic missiles for months, violating UN Resolution 2231, Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan reveals.

Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Be Bound by Nuke Deal that Gives Iran the Bomb Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israel would not be bound by a renegotiated nuclear deal with Iran that would see the Islamic Republic obtaining a bomb in a few years, and reiterated the Jewish State would do whatever it took to protect itself from regimes seeking its destruction.

Brotation speculation: What the press says about the bizarre coalition bazaar The number of ideas for various parties to find a way to build a coalition are more numerous than stars in the sky, but few think any of them are truly realistic.

Biden Administration to Support Palestinian Dictatorship Sadly, while the Biden administration is talking about the "need to protect [Palestinian] civil society through the reduction of arrests of bloggers and dissidents," the Palestinian leadership is evidently moving in precisely the opposite direction.

Al-Aqsa preacher: Muslims who sell property to Jews are denied burial The apartments were reportedly purchased by Ateret Cohanim, an organization that has long been working to expand Jewish presence in east Jerusalem.

Will This be the Last Anti-Israel Generation? For the past several decades discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been driven by full time anti-Israel researchers and writers.

Biden Builds Back Obama’s Middle East That didn't take long. One week after piously and erroneously repudiating the Commission on Unalienable Rights established by his predecessor Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed the hollow selectivity of this administration's commitment to human rights and democratic reform.

Iran nuclear deal talks: the key issues on the Vienna negotiating table As talks resume, Iran and the signatories to the 2015 agreement face a web of sanctions to untangle.

Backward Masking Biden On the “Big Guy’s” watch, China’s influence will "grow and expand."

Iraq: Pro-Iran Shia militias say dialogue with US pointless, jihad attacks on US forces will continue The Middle East has never been more unstable, especially now that the Biden administration has taken the reins.