Friday, August 09, 2013


Minister: Iran Nuclear Program Could be Destroyed in 'Hours' Minister for Strategy says 'a few hours of airstrikes' would end Iran's nuclear ambitions if pressure fails.

Turkish president calls for Morsi's release, slams Egyptian 'coup' Gul: Morsi ouster "a clear derailment of country's progress."

Iran's Khamenei: Peace talks will force Palestinians to relinquish their rights Supreme leader slams "Zionist wolves and their int'l supporters."

Russia won't supply outstanding S-300s to Syria until mid-2014 - report Fulfillment of Russia's contract with Syria to supply S-300 air defense systems have been postponed until at least June 2014, a corporate report indicates. 

EU refreshes diplomatic contacts with Iran The EU has reacted to Iran's appeal for better ties with a series of informal meetings and friendly statements.

U.S.: 'Settlements' Are Illegitimate United States says it disapproves of construction in Judea and Samaria, after Israel approves construction of more than 800 units.

Moscow rejects offer to drop Assad for arms deal Putin tells Saudi intelligence chief Russia won't abandon Syrian president in exchange for $15 billion weapons deal.

Jews From Muslim Lands: The Forgotten Refugees of 1948 June 20 was World Refugee Day, dedicated to nearly 60 million people worldwide who were forcibly displaced by conflict or persecution. 

Israel won't join EU research program, top diplomat says Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin says Jerusalem will forgo lucrative Horizon 2020 partnership unless Europe changes new settlement rules.