Friday, March 13, 2020


Rabbinic Closure of Western Wall Diverts Record Number of Jews to Temple Mount for Special Prayer For Coronavirus Cure Rabbi David Lau, Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi, and Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, Israel's chief Sephardi rabbi, both issued religious edicts on Thursday instructing Jews to obey all instructions issued by Israels health officials' instructions concerning the coronavirus.

PA: Jewish history in Jerusalem is "fables and myths" and "imaginary history" Jews visiting the Temple Mount "defile" the Al-Aqsa Mosque according to the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu and Gantz agree to work toward emergency unity government Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday called for the formation of an emergency government to confront a growing crisis over the coronavirus, offering a potential way out of the deadlock that has paralyzed the political system for the past year.

Netanyahu Calls on Gantz to Form 'Emergency' Unity Government Due to Coronavirus Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has invited Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz to talks about forming an emergency unity government amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Israel at the forefront of coronavirus measures? Diplomatic Affairs: At first criticized, Israel now looks like a coronavirus containment visionary.

Syria's war turns 9: How barbarity, confusion and indifference helped Bashar Assad prosper He trained as an eye doctor. He likes high-tech gadgets and country music. And he may turn out to be one of the most barbarous political leaders of the 21st Century.

The Oil Price Crash: Bad News for Putin's Ambitions in the Middle East Last week's dramatic fall in the value of global stock markets was prompted, in part, by Moscow's decision at the end of last week to end its cooperation with the Saudis to agree to new oil production targets, a measure designed to maintain global oil prices at a sustainable level.

Arab Victory in the Knesset is an Existential Threat to Israel For pro-Zionists and for those who celebrate Israel's right to exist as a state for Jews and as a Jewish state, Prime Minister Netanyahu's electoral victory on March 2, 2020 is cause for universal celebration.

Jerusalem muted, a little bereft, on 1st Friday of the 'keep your distance' era At the Western Wall, only a few were at prayer; kids were neither in school nor out and about; at least the rival protesters in Paris Square were reassuringly present.

'This is the beginning of the greatest financial crisis in US history': Peter Schiff makes dire predictions to Boom Bust After suffering the worst stock market crash since 1987, the US Federal Reserve has announced a $1.5 trillion injection to ease strained capital markets. It is the biggest action by the Fed since the 2008 financial crisis.