Thursday, November 13, 2014


New Hamas anthem calls to banish Zionists from Israel After the hit 'Up, do terror attacks' gained major popularity during Gaza op, a new song shared by Palestinians on social media vows to uproot Jews 'forever and always'.

Obama 'rethinking Syria strategy, wants to oust Assad' Administration no longer believes it can defeat Islamic State in Iraq without also intensifying efforts to square Syria, including removing brutal president.

ISIS chief said to call for 'volcanoes of jihad,' after reports he was hurt in US strike The recording comes after contradictory reports emerging in the past week over the fate of Baghdadi.

Netanyahu meets King Abdullah, Kerry in Jordan PM to reportedly emphasize that Israel has no intention of changing Temple Mount status quo; US envoy to stress that settlement announcements unhelpful.

Rosetta: concerns for comet lander after uneven landing After a historic but awkward comet landing, the robot probe Philae is now stable and sending pictures - but there are concerns about its battery life.

Germany warns anti-Semitism rising amid upsurge in Mideast violence German FM says his Jews in his country are subjected to threats, attacks at pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

The Saudi prince who could be king Ever since President Franklin Roosevelt met with King Abdulaziz aboard the USS Quincy in 1945, Saudi Arabia has been one of America's most steadfast allies. 

Hamas second-richest terror group in world, Forbes says Gaza Strip's Islamist rulers have $1 billion stashed away; only the Islamic State with $2 billion has a fatter wallet.

EXCLUSIVE-JERRY BOYKIN: GENERALS SHOULD RESIGN TO PROTEST OBAMA'S MISUSE OF MILITARY A new survey finds only 26 percent of those in the military community approve of the performance of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. 

Nationalist Group Offers Reward for Killing Terrorists As the security system flails and talk of intifada spreads, SOS Israel offers monetary support for 'heroes' who eliminate Arab terrorists.